Light Table Play in a Fort

Today’s post is sponsored by Pop Secret, by my love for their popcorn is all my own!

Today we had some fun light table play in a fort with our very versatile light box while my preschooler slept (because big kids love light table play too!) In case you didn’t know, my husband is totally awesome! lol! Okay, so you probably didn’t know that, but he is. For Christmas we wanted to get the kids a light table, but the prices of them totally freaked us out. Not to mention the fact that the ones that were big enough for multiple children to play at were much too big for my kid’s tiny RV bedroom. So my husband set to work making a light table (box) that would be big enough, yet small enough and budget-friendly as well. It made the perfect addition to our fort this afternoon!

light table play Unfortunately, I don’t have tutorial pics of the light box, but it was so simple! It only took him a couple afternoons to complete it and the price tag was only $80 since we used some leftover wood from a friend. Most of the cost was the LED light strips, so if you can get a deal on those or only use one set (we used two) the price would drop a lot!

Basically her created a box with the top missing. We had some plexiglass cut and he used that for the top of the box, secured the lights inside and threaded the wire for the lights in through the side of the plexiglass. As a bonus, our LED lights change colors so that creates even more ways to explore!

Since we live in an RV right now as we are traveling, the girls have a super tiny room, with super tiny windows, but the windows still let in too much light for light table play without making some changes.

Today, we decided to create a fort to block out the light. My kids are constantly begging me to let them turn their beds into forts, dens, and hideaways, so they were super excited when I suggested they do it so that they could play with the light table.

They piled the pillows up on the one bed without a window and blocked out the light with a fleece blanket.

building a blanket fort

Then we put the light table in with some fun heart gems.

Added some yummy popcorn and it was the perfect place for light table play and and snack. It was also a great way to keep the older kids quiet while Shiloh took a nap.

glowing light table

Mom bonus, it took less than 5 minutes to set up!

They took turns changing the colors of the table while the others created shapes with the gems.

light table designs

And mostly they ate popcorn. 1 1/2 bags!

That made Rissa very happy, so she made a happy face…lol!

light table glow

What do your kids like to do in forts? Head over to PopSecret’s Facebook page, get a $1 off coupon and share your fort play pictures!

popcorn fort snack

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