Get a Full Year of Math Centers in One HUGE Bundle

Planning is a breeze with the year-long kindergarten math bundle.


Make Planning a Breeze

Does this sound familiar?


You have to choose between planning time, a bathroom break, eating lunch, and making copies for your lessons. And then the choice is made for you with yet another meeting.


You spend hours scouring the internet trying to find activities to fit your advanced learners, struggling learners, average learners and all those IEPs…only to discover that the kids spent 3 minutes on the activity.


You take work home with you. Even though you promised yourself you wouldn’t do it again. And you sneak in that ever-elusive planning time after your own children go to bed.

What real teachers are saying
Listen up…

We’ve all been there.. and there is a better way!

We’ve spent hours planning the perfect activity… only to have it not actually fit my students needs and then have to scrap our whole plan and search again.

But the Kindergarten Year-Long Math bundle eliminates all the searching. AND kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the activities.

Super ninja bonus… there truly are activities for ALL your students. Differentiation becomes a breeze.

Introducing the

Kindergarten Year-Long Math Bundle

All the math centers you need for the entire year.

Prep once, use for years.

One simple download.

kindergarten math pack numbers 1-10
20+ 2D Shape activities MEGA bundle. Play dough, building shapes, graphing, geoboards, games and much more!

What Makes the Kindergarten Year-Long Math Bundle So Amazing?

Imagine This…

  • Addressing EVERY kindergarten math standard with 12 skill packs.
  • Engaging EVERY student with hands-on activities for their specific abilities.
  • Saving time with low and NO prep activities. 
  • Implementing in minutes with clear, simple teacher instructions.
  • Creating independent students with picture-based instruction cards for EVERY center.
  • Enabling assistants and parent volunteers to guide centers while you teach small groups.
  • Preparing Whole Group, Small Group, and Independent Centers at the same time.
  • Meeting the needs of your special education kids at the same time as your on-level and advanced students.
kindergarten math activities for a whole year
Take a look inside

Here is what’s included…

12 Skill Packs to Meet Every Kindergarten Standard

  • Numbers 1-10
  • Numbers 11-20
  • Place Value to 100
  • 2D Shapes
  • Measuring and Graphing
  • Comparing Numbers
  • 3D Shapes
  • Addition to 10
  • Subtraction within 10
  • Introduction to Money (U.S.)
  • Patterns
  • Time to the Hour
Numbers 0-10 Bundle
20+ Measurement and Graphing printables for kindergarten math centers.

Finding math activities that are meaningful and complete seem to be hard for my group of students but these go above and beyond!”

Save time planning and get your life back!

Get the Kindergarten Year Long Math Bundle

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Valued at $216

12 Standards-based Skill Packs
240+ Activities!
Easy Differentiation
One-stop Planning