Our Favorite Science Curriculum for Tweens & Teens

Are you looking for a science curriculum for tweens & teens? Apologia science has been our favorite science curriculum for several years (after trying many others!) and my tweens & teenage daughters love using it! This year they are each doing their own topic and it has been fun to watch them get excited to do their science for the day and then choosing activities to extend their learning all on their own. Yep, you read that right…. all on their own. I don’t have to do a thing. If you are looking for a hands-on science curriculum that your kids will love, let me tell you a little bit more about why we love Apologia science.

Apologia Science is our favorite science curriculum for tweens & teens. It is filled with hands-on science activities!

We are in our 9th year of homeschooling and we have tried lots of curricula. And by lots, I mean so many that I didn’t love that I started this website to share what we used instead of curricula.

My girls are avid learners, but very hands-on. If a curriculum involves lots of busy work, worksheets and boring textbooks, they automatically tune out. And remember we’ve tried lots of those…

After years of getting frustrated by dumbed down science curricula, boring science curricula, incomplete science curricula… I finally discovered Apologia Science.

And we are in love! And now I am partnering with them, to share our love with you.

Truthfully, we have 5, yes FIVE, sets of Apologia Science on our bookshelf being used this year.

For 3 kids.

My three daughters will beg for time to work on their science. No joke.

I have spent WAY too much time trying out bad curricula, to let you spend time on it.

I promise you, Apologia Science is the good stuff. (They have other great things too… we’re currently using the Field Trip Journals, Writing and Reading programs and already have American Literature saved for next year.)

Why My Tweens & Teen Love Apologia Science

They can do it independently.

Apologia Science is designed so that you can do science with the whole family altogether. Which is great if you have time to do it with them or if you have younger children and need to read for them.

However, my 12 and 13 year olds are doing science all on their own. Which is super awesome for a busy, work-from-home mom. They can read the instructions, conduct most of the experiments (some still need adult supervision) and complete all of the assignments without any help from me.

Lesson schedule

One of the things that we have struggled with in many curricula is that you have to buy separate books to get a suggested lesson schedule or teachers manuals to script out lessons.

Apologia Science includes a suggested schedule of lessons (and includes options for lengthening and shortening the lessons.) This makes it so my kids can stay on track without me having to map out a calendar for them that needs to be adjusted every time we have a field trip or take a day off.

Hands-On…. Really Hands-On

If I had a quarter every time I saw a worksheet-based homeschool curricula…. I would totally be rich by now.

Seriously though… what good is science if the kids never get to do any experiments or projects? No good at all.

Apologia Science includes a hands-on component in every lesson. Experiments, research, projects, inspiration. It’s all there.

Fits Every Learning Speed & Style

Total pet peeve…. curricula that don’t adapt to a student’s skills and learning styles.

Apologia Science texts can be read, listened to on MP3, watched on a video. And then they have a variety of extension activities ranging from notebooking, observation journals, hands-on science experiments and more.

If you need to take it slower or lower the intensity, you can. If your student wants to do more, you can easily supplement with books from the library, internet research and developing your own experiments. (We’re extending our Botany course by making a full-size raised garden!)

Apologia Science is our favorite science curriculum for tweens & teens. It is filled with hands-on science activities!

Christian Worldview

While for many this might not be a deal-breaker when choosing curricula, it is for me when it comes to science. I can get away with secular-based curricula for some other subjects, while being really careful about content, I don’t want to worry about it with science.

My kids are regularly exposed to other viewpoints on scientific topics, so they know all about the theory of evolution and things of that nature. They get it in books from the library, documentaries, even Magic School Bus. What they don’t hear a lot about (aside from within our family) is creation and God’s divine plan for the world.

That is why I will only choose a science curriculum with a Christian worldview. And Apologia Science fits that perfectly.

Check out Apologia Science here and let me know what you love about it!

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