Painting with Pool Noodles: Pool Noodle Apple Craft

Hi everyone! I’m Amanda from Artsy Momma and Fun Handprint Art. I’m excited to guest post over here today!
Lately, my 3 year daughter and I have found creative ways to make homemade stamps. Our most recent one being a stamped apple craft using mini loofah stamps. Today I am sharing another stamped apple craft only this time using a pool noodle for our stamp.

Pool noodle apple painting activity.

Supplies Needed:

  • Pool noodle
  • Paper plate
  • Green, yellow, and red paint
  • Brown marker
  • Green ink pad – or use green paint
  • Black beans or similar

How to make the Pool Noodle Apple Craft

Cut 1-3 small pieces from a pool noodle. Ours were about an inch in height when cut but an inch or two bigger would work just fine too.
Place the yellow, red, and green paint on to a paper plate. Dip your pool noodle stamp into the paint and spread it around making sure it doesn’t goop up in the center. If it does, dab it on an area of the paper plate that doesn’t have a lot of paint. Make prints all over the paper.
Draw stems using a brown marker. Make green leaves using your fingerprint with either an ink pad or green paint.

Pool noodle apple craft and counting activity
Counting activity from apples painted with pool noodles

I turned one of the finished apple paintings into a fun apple seed counting activity for my daughter by writing the numbers 1-10 next to each apple. 

She loves counting activities.!

We used black beans for apple seeds but any item that is small enough to fit inside the apples would be fine (like beads, tiny pom poms). Please remember to supervise younger children when using small items.

apple painting with pool noodles Featured Image

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  1. I love how vibrant the apples look. That is such a clever idea to use pool noodles to stamp them. The counting activity would be perfect for our little ones. We will have to try this out.