Printable Mini-Pack of Games for Kids Who Love Shopkins

Do you know a child who loves Shopkins? My two youngest are in love with them. They are definitely the new favorite toys in our house. Something about those tiny toys and adorable little eyes are so irresistible. For Christmas this year, there are more than a few Shopkins toys ready to be wrapped and put under the tree. And in their stockings too. This printable mini-pack of games for kids who love Shopkins is a perfect stocking-stuffer or travel book to go along with their new toys. Bring creativity to Christmas with pretend play and some new games!

Mini-pack of games for kids who love Shopkins! These grocery cuties are perfect for traveling with kids.

Materials Needed for the Mini-Pack of Games for Kids:


Laminating Pouches & Laminator

Book Ring

Dry-erase crayon or marker

Your favorite Season 6 Chef Club Shopkins

To prep: Print and laminate the game cards. Cut the cards apart and use a hole punch to create a hole in the upper left corner so the cards can be placed on the book ring.

This will help you keep the cards together when you are traveling!


My kids don’t just like to play the games. They love to pretend that their favorite Shopkins characters are playing along with them.


These cards and the the Shopkins Chef Club app are both great for keeping kids busy during holiday travel. We’ll be driving 6 hours each way, so these are definitely going in our activity stash. With the Chef Club app, the kids can play with their favorite Shopkins by scanning the QR code on each of them.

Characters from the Family Food, Breakfast, Sweets and Bakery categories can be combined to create all-new recipes. My kids have their eyes peeled for all the rare characters and love the glitter and color-changing toys!

So, in addition to playing with their toys while they are at home with their Hot Spot Kitchen, they can take them on-the-go as well. We give the kids each a little bag to store their traveling treasures, so they don’t get lost.


I’m a huge advocate of ‘learning through play’ and I love the way that my youngest practices her language skills when she plays with her Shopkins. There are so many ways that she can interact with them! Plus, they are great for fine-motor skills! (Shhh…. don’t tell her! She just thinks she’s playing.)

little food mini game set featured image

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