Rainbow Picture Frames in Less Than Five Minutes

Do you have five minutes to spare in your day? How about a couple dollars? If you have those two things then this DIY rainbow picture frame idea is for you.

picture frame kid craft

Of course, I can’t take the credit for this idea at all. It was the total genius of my 9 year old daughter. She thought it up and completed it all on her own.

We’ve been busily trying to make use of our craft supplies before our big move because we can’t take them with us (don’t worry we have LOTS and we have good plans to give away what we don’t use).

As I was pulling things out of the craft shelves the other night, the stamp ink pads must have caught my daughter’s eye because she very quickly put the idea of using the ink together with the $1 spot picture frames we had gotten from A.C. Moore a while back.

And by ‘a while’ I mean two years ago.


She took the ink pads and rubbed them across the unfinished wood to create an awesome stain effect.

picture frames ink pads

Of course after she created one for her sister, the sister wanted to reciprocate and then another sister wanted one too, so they made one for her.

I still have a couple frames yet to use…

We don’t have any sealer, but if you wanted the craft to last a long time, I definitely recommend it. Ours only need to last a month, so I didn’t feel it was worth the effort to find a store that would sell it here.

Seriously, five minutes or less for a super cute picture frame!

picture frames craft for kids Featured Image

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