Reindeer Preschool Activities with Songs and Play Dough

When I told my kids that we were going to make reindeer today, they were slightly skeptical. We don’t pretend Santa is real at our house, but we do let the kids pretend during the Christmas season. And who can resist Rudolph!??! Of course, our three year old understands none of this, but she loved singing and making play dough creations with me. I hope you enjoy all of the reindeer preschool activities here and on the other great #PlayfulPreschool blog posts that you can find at the bottom of this one.

reindeer and play dough

We pulled out the Chocolate Scented Play Dough that we used last week to create our turkeys and changed a few items to turn it into a different activity.

Christmas Play dough tray

It’s actually a great to repeat similar types of activities, so that kids can focus on the skills and not on learning the how-to’s of a completely different activity. That’s why it is great to work with themes. You can have a “new” activity, but review the same information without it getting boring.

We’re working on learning the parts of the body, so I decided we would learn about the parts of a reindeer and see what connections Shiloh could make.

As soon as she saw the eyes in the play dough tray, she knew what to do. She grabbed them and started pressing them into the play dough in the middle of the tray. I showed her how to pull a piece of the play dough out and we worked together to roll a ball and flatten it with the rolling pin.

play dough reindeer

After that I demonstrated a reindeer face complete with red nose and antlers. She copied it and we practiced repeating the names or the nose and “ears”.

play dough reindeer

Then, we started singing a silly song while we made more reindeer. I think the best songs are the ones that you make up while you are learning. They help the concepts to stick in the kids’ minds and they’re a lot of fun! I thought that it would be fun to work on both numbers and the parts of a reindeer with a little music.

This song goes to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell”.

“A reindeer has one nose.

A reindeer has one nose

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

A reindeer has one nose.”

reindeer song lyrics

“A reindeer has two antlers,

A reindeer has two antlers,

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

A reindeer has two antlers.”

Reindeer Song Printable

“A reindeer has four hooves,

A reindeer has four hooves,

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho

A reindeer has four hooves.”

Or you can make up your own verses like “The reindeer has one tail” or “The reindeer has three bells”. Customize it and make it fun for you and your kids!

I also found this Reindeer Pokey song on YouTube that would be so fun to use for learning the parts of a reindeer while getting some of the wiggles out!

printable reindeer song

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  1. Great activity! I love the song and now have it stuck in my head. 🙂 We have all the supplies for this, so it is on the agenda for today. Thanks!

  2. What a cute and catchy little tune. I was just thinking about pulling playdough out today so I think we will give this a try!