Sight Word Snow Globe for Word Work

sight word snow globe

My kids love snow globes. I’m terrified of them. Well, not actually terrified of the snow globes, but terrified of what a child could do with a big, heavy, glass, water-filled snow globe. I mean, someone could get their eye poked out or get knocked out should a child decide to throw said snow globe. This activity involves a much nicer snow globe. Plastic, light-weight, no water…. This sight word snow globe would be the perfect thing for a word work time this winter!

I mentioned yesterday with the sight word memory game, that I prefer activities where we can review the very specific sight words that we are currently working on. Jaida is learning 5-6 new sight words every week, so that is the perfect amount for an activity like memory or this delightful snow globe. We can put new words in it each week and have a whole new activity!

Materials needed for the Sight Word Snow Globe:

Plastic snow globe

Fake snow (just a couple handfuls)

Chipboard trees from the scrapbooking section of the craft store


materials for snow globe

It’s important that you do not fill the snow globe completely to give room for the trees to shift around while it is being shaken to look for new words. If you fill it too full, the trees will not be able to more. Half full is plenty.

Write the words that you want to review on the chipboard trees with a dark pen or a fine-tip permanent marker.

snow globe sight words

Put the snow and sequins in first and then add the trees being careful to place some snow in between the trees. If you do not create space between the trees they will stick together in the snow and you will have a frustrated child trying to find the last words.

Demonstrate how to shake the globe to find new words.

DIY sight words reading activity snow globe filled with sight words to play I Spy

I’ve included a simple recording sheet that kids can use to write down the sight words that they find.

Download Sight Word Snow Globe recording sheet here.

snow globe sight words printable

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  1. Awesome idea! My daughter would practice writing her words but be so into the snow globe she wouldn’t even notice, lol! Thanks for sharing at the Thoughtful Spot!

  2. This is such a fun idea – I didn’t even know they sold empty snow globes! I’m sure my daughter would LOVE this 🙂