Simple DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holders

Buying Christmas decorations is something that can get me into serious trouble. Everything is so pretty, covered in shimmer and shine, and would look perfect in my house! Everything would look perfect in my house! With all the other expenses of the holiday season, though, it can all add up really quickly. So I have made it a tradition to make a few decorations each year. This year I made these simple mason jar candle holders.

These fun DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holders are so easy to put together and you'll look like a crafting genius! The perfect last minute Christmas decoration!

Materials Needed for Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holders

Besides creating a Christmasy atmosphere, I loved that the materials I needed were ones that were easy to find or that I already had on hand.

Mason Jar
Christmas Ribbon (I got mine at Michael’s but this is really cute too)
Corkboard Circles
Christmas Embellishment (We LOVE These)
Hot Glue & Gun
Tea Light Candles

These mason jar candle holders took less than 30 minutes for us to create and was overall inexpensive. And they are absolutely beautiful. The glow that comes off of them helps create such a warm and comforting atmosphere, especially with the Christmas tree all lit up too.

How We Made Our Candle Holders

The first thing we did was choose the size of the mason jar we wanted to use. I had a variety of sizes so the girls could choose what they wanted from start to finish.

The next step was to fill the jar with the tri-beads. They fit nicely together and give a textured look that I just love. We had a few different Christmas colors patterns or mix the colors.

I chose a variety of  Christmas ribbon for each candle holder and tied them around the threads at the top of the mason jar as well as other areas of the jar too. Just have fun with it! I used a drop of hot glue to secure the ribbons, so they wouldn’t fall off the moment that my kids decide to play with them…

I each chose embellishments from a kit that was sent to me from Oriental Trading Company. It has over 300 Christmas inspired pieces in it. How fun is that? We chose which embellishments we would like and layered them on the cork board circles.

Then I used the hot glue gun to attach cork board circles to the jars.

When the jars were complete we settled tea light candles into the tri-beads and lit them. You could easily use battery operated flameless votives as well.

These fun DIY Christmas Candle Holders are so easy to put together and you'll look like a crafting genius! The perfect last minute Christmas decoration!

Besides making a fabulous Christmas decoration for your own home, these Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holders would also make great gifts. You could pair it with some homemade cookies for a warm neighbor gift or add a coffee shop gift card and have your children give it to their teachers.

Make some for you too, though, because once you make them you’re not going to want to give them away!

christmas candle holders jar craft featured image

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  1. One other question, about how many beads did you use per jar? I need to make several (probably the 8 oz jar size, tho maybe the smaller one… which did you prefer?) & need to know how many beads to order. Thanks!

    1. I really don’t have an idea of how many beads I used. I had a large bag and just poured until it looked nice, I would say 1/2 jar worth.

  2. This looks like a really fun & easy idea (I could sure use some about now to make gifts for Christmas this year)! Tiny question… do you just leave the beads loose in the bottom of the jar? Do they shift around? Thanks for such a neat idea!

    1. Yes, we did just leave the beads loose in the bottom. If you wanted them to be more stable, you could probably pour in a small amount of clear crafting glue.