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Jessie M.

"We’ve used your stuff for 2 years to teach my rough and tumble boy and now we have to prep for Kinder and I just want to copy and paste you as we grow because you GET it!!! Thanks for being awesome!"

Tonia Soljan

New Zealand

"I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your awesome resources. 

Your amazing seesaw resources have been delightfully received and completed by my class while we have been in lockdown. I hope you realize what a treasure you are🤩  Not only have you provided stimulating and engaging activities for my children, you have also helped to lighten my load. So from down here in NZ and huge thank you."

Shelli C.

"Thank you so much for all of the freebies you offer.  This sight word pack is great.  AND- when I went to your site I saw just how many digital google slide resources you have.  That is amazing!  I am so thankful! I shared your website with my coworkers.  You are helping so many teachers and students.  Thank you so much!"

Tara C.

"Can I just say, "I love you!"  Your work has helped me so much for some of my special learners, especially during this time. If you haven't heard it, "I appreciate you!"

A Humongous THANK YOU from a grade 2/3 teacher!"

Renukah H.


"Hey! I found your website today and LOVE it!

It is helping me a lot with finding new ideas for remote teaching with my little ones in kindergarten.
Thank you so much for sharing this wealth of resources with us all!
From a thankful NYC Public School Special Educator!"

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