Summer Emoji Party Decorations

I seriously think that my eight-year-old could carry on a full conversation in emoji if she could. It is quite possible that she has an absurd amount of emoji memorized. I’m not sure how this happened, but I have read some of her Face Time messages to her grandparents and the ratio of words to emoji is about 1:10,000. So, as school has come to an end for the year, we decided to celebrate with an Emoji Party! Complete with kid-made emoji party decorations. Because, seriously, how is a party fun if I’m doing all the work? Besides the fact that she knows many more emoji expressions than I do…

Pull out the grill and have an Emoji Party this summer. A great way to connect with your kids!

Emoji Party Menu & Ingredient List:

1 Market District Seasoned Beef Burger, Certified Angus Beef (from the meat counter) for each person

Pepsi Emoji

Hamburger buns

Kraft Natural Cheese Slices

Burger fixings: ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato

Smiley fries

All of these can be found at our sponsor, Giant Eagle which is great because totally do not have time to go to a bunch of different stores to get all of the supplies for a meal. Plus, you can even get your propane there for grilling which means I don’t have to hunt down a hardware store.

Side note… I’m not sure who planned out this city, but they must have thought it would be fun to send people to odd locations to go to exactly one store.

And then have absolutely no other logical stores near them…

Ok, back to the Emoji fun!!

We created some super cute emoji straws by punching out some large circles. Then we decorated some of them with sunglass buttons that we had on hand. The others we punched out some tiny heart to make the “love” emoticon. For the mouths, I punched some small circles and then trimmed a half-circle shape.

I hot glued the emoji to the paper straws.

The, kids set to work drawing their favorite emoji on the circles and we created a sweet banner with their creations.

Jaida, my eight-year-old, also drew some super cute kitten emoji that we scattered around on the table.

We even decorated our burgers emoji-style!

To make the burgers:

Put the Market District Seasoned Beef Burger on the grill on high for 2 minutes on the first side.

Flip and cook until your desired doneness. About 3-6 minutes.

Top with cheese and grill for one more minute.

Then decorate the burgers with ketchup.

Then, we had some fun with Emoji photo props. My 11-year-old kind of loved them.

While my eight-year-old wanted to let the emoticon do the talking.

And we ended our emoji party with a sweet treat!

emoji party decorations featured image

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