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Summer Math & Literacy Bundle

That fits the abilities of ALL your students

  • Addressing preschool goals with 35+ Math & Literacy Centers.
  • Meeting the needs of your special education kids at the same time as your on-level and advanced students.
  • Creating independent students with games and activities they will be thrilled to work on.

35+ Center Activites for a FULL Themed Approach

  • Numbers 1-10
  • Sorting
  • Alphabet
  • 2D Shapes
  • Patterns
  • Missing Numbers
  • Ten-Frames
  • Arrays
  • Graphing
  • Pretend Play
  • Pre-Writing
  • Letter Tracing and MORE!

Are you teaching all summer long?

Are you wishing you could enjoy summer break with your family instead of searching for activities for your students?

There is a way to stop the endless planning

There is hope for an evening with the family where you can close the planning book and spend some time with your own kids, take an evening walk or sit on the porch swing.  

This Summer Pre-K Bundle is designed to end your planning woes.  

You'll be able to plan all your math and literacy centers for the summer in no time at all.  With more than 37 activities included, you can eliminate all those extra hours of searching for what you need.

PLUS, you can use the math and literacy centers again next year to save even MORE time!

Save Time AND Make Learning Fun This Summer

What will you find inside the Summer Pre-K BUNDLE?

  • 37+ differentiated activities
  • Low-prep activities to save you a TON of time setting up
  • Engaging, hands-on learning to reach kids of all abilities
  • Clear, simple instructions for implementing in minutes
  • Whole group and independent activities
  • 225 pages of exciting Pre-K centers to simplify planning for your Summer themes

So what exactly is included in the Summer Pre-K Pack?


Over 37 Hands-on Math and Literacy Centers to Save You Time

  • 5 Sets of Summer Clip Cards- Colors, Ten-Frames, Arrays, and Shapes
  • 4 Spin & Cover Games- 1-5, 6-10, shape, and color matching
  • 2 Roll and Count Pages
  • 2 Sets of Counting to 10 Puzzles- Arrays and Ten-frames
  • 2 Sets of Seashell Play Dough Number Mats- Empty ten-frames and Filled ten-frames
  • Visual Discernment Cards- What Doesn't Belong?
  • 3 Levels of AB Patterns- Continue the patterns, copy the patterns, and build your own patterns
  • Seashell Ten-Frame Counting Cards
  • Summer Visual Discernment Clip Cards-What does not match?
  • Class Set of Summer Themed BINGO- Ten-Frames
  • 4 Sets of Tracing Cards for Writing Trays- uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and shapes
  • Missing Number Cards up to 10
  • Line Tracing Cards for fine-motor practice
  • Line-Up Puzzles for Counting to 5 & 10
  • 3 Matching Games- Pictures, numbers, and alphabet
  • 2 Summer Graphing Dice Games with inserts for differentiated learning cubes
  • Trace, Write & Draw the Room
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Sorting Mats: Shapes, Numbers and Colors

Make Your "Planning a Lot Easier"

Teachers are Loving our Pre-K Bundles!

"Let me just start off by saying this is what dreams are made of Kim. Seriously, you can tell how much hard work was put into this, and the colors, differentiation, tips, etc, are AWESOME!!! This is going to make some Pre-K teachers very happy and make their planning a lot easier!"

-Jen Sherald

"Love this pack!! The BINGO is awesome for practicing listening skills whole group and I love the color matching counting clip cards. The ten frames are awesome as well!"

-Amanda Reed


Save time planning with over 35 Hands-On Math and Literacy Centers!

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Summer Math & Literacy Pack

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