Ten-frame and Number Bond Life-Size Activity Star

Interactive Ten-Frames and number bonds for your whole class to enjoy! Students will get up and moving around with this life-size ten-frame set. They can work in partners or small groups to find sums and missing addends.


Card Stock or Scrapbook Paper | Laminating Pouches | Laminator

Create a ten frame (or double ten-frame) on your floor or wall with removable tape and print the stars that are included in the pack on two different colors of paper. Then use the ten-frame to create number bonds from 0-20.

Students will draw one of the number bond cards out of box and then set to work building it with two different colors of stars. This hands-on activity will quickly help students visualize how number bonds and fact families work.

There are two types of number bond cards included: missing addends and missing sums.

For further practice, a set of stars and a smaller ten-frame are included for use in your math centers with the number bond cards.

After your whole class or small group activity, follow up with the included number bond and ten-frame assessment sheets.

See the preview for a closer look at the activity. Inside you will find a link to my blog, where you can read in more detail how we used the activity.

Get Ten Frame And Number Bond Life Size Activity Star Here:

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