Textured Collages from Your Kitchen Pantry

Anyone familiar with sensory bins knows that a well-stocked craft cupboard kitchen pantry is a fabulous source of crafting inspiration. The textures of the foods can provide a wonderful sensory experience. Plus, the smells!

beans and lentils for kids collages crafts

I do have some fun sensory bins to share with you in very near future, but today I want to show you what we made the day that I made our homemade glue.

I know that we tend to get the impression that all the great bloggers out there are like Martha Stuart (sans house arrest) and have wonderful times of crafting everyday with their always-smiling children. In their spotless homes, of course.

However, the truth is we’re just like you. Normal people.

And this normal person has a tendency to have her children do their crafts in batches. One big mess, one big clean-up. We will do a few crafts one day and have craft supplies strewn all over the apartment and on other days we do less messy things. We host Bible studies in our home on 3 weeknights, so I can’t let the mess get too out-of-hand. If it weren’t for that motivator, my husband would probably be prisoner to mess of our creative little ladies.

Sometimes, I’m scrambling to clean things up after someone has rung in on the security gate before they make their way up the elevator!

Anyway, now that you know that I’m nowhere near the realm of Martha Stuart, let me show off these awesome creations that my kids made with our homemade glue and some supplies from our pantry.

We used several types of lentils, beans, buckwheat groats, and cornmeal for the textured collages. You can use whatever you have on hand. These are normal things from our pantry, but if they are not normal in your pantry just use what you have. Or wait for a really good sale and stock up.

As with many of the activities we do, I simply gave the kids the supplies and let them come up with their own ideas for how to use them.

I am a firm believer in letting kids explore and create without dictation. I am not trying to create mini-me’s. Telling them exactly what to make doesn’t allow them to express themselves.

children's art using beans and lentils from pantry

My oldest daughter decided to make a lovely representation of Spring! I think it’s wonderful and the different yellows make it vibrant, yet down-to-earth.

My six-year-old decided to make a flower that contained all the people who believe in Jesus.

My nine-year-old made the hand of God with all His people. And a picture of outer space. (just keeping it real!)

children's art using beans, lentils and grains

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