Winter I Spy Tube Sensory Play

We finally got our first real dose of winter weather this past weekend and I’m already over it…lol! There were definitely mixed feelings going on in our home about the weather. The kids were praying for snow, the adults were hoping that it would hold off a day or two. Unfortunately, both sets were disappointed as we were covered in pure ice for two days in Tennessee. This winter I Spy Tube is a perfect activity to enjoy whether you are snowed in, iced in, or just wanting a little bit of winter fun.

winter i-spy tube supplies

Materials needed for the winter I Spy tube:

Tiny pom poms (white, light blue and sparkly blue)

White sequins

White & blue pony beads (mine are from a winter set, but any blue & white ones will work)

Blue translucent beads

Foam sticker

Stackable storage containers with screw-top lids

If you are doing this for a small child, I recommend hot glueing the lids onto the containers so that they are not easily opened. I did not do this, but I trust that my daughter will not put small pieces in her mouth.

I Spy tube materials

As with all of our activities, these was so simple to put together. I keep all of my craft supplies sorted by color/season, so it’s easy to grab just a few things with the colors I’m looking for. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose craft supplies when a particular season is over. Blue & white aren’t limited to winter, you can also use them to represent a beautiful blue sky. It’s one of my favorite color combinations.

I filled each of the containers with the different supplies. If you want this to also be used for sound exploration make sure that the sequins and beads aren’t stuffed so full that they can’t be shaken.

I overfilled the pom poms to make sure that they would completely fill the space and been seen from every angle.

I placed a foam sticker (with the backing still on) in the top container then I screwed all of the containers together.

Ta-da! A lovely winter I Spy tube for sensory play!

One of the great things about this kind of I Spy activity is that you can reuse the supplies over and over.

I’d love to see your I Spy tube!  Hop over to my Facebook page and leave me a picture!

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