Having Trouble?

Hey there! I’m sorry you’re having trouble downloading or printing my printables.

I’d love to help you as much as possible, so I’ve created this resource of common problems and easy solutions.

Please note, I definitely want my files to be accessible to everyone, but I am not able to send individual files.

Please try all of these options before emailing me. I want to help you, but 99% of the time, one of these solutions does the trick – and you’ll save us both time if you work through these options and it will help you get more freebies!

If you’ve tried everything here with no success, please feel free to e-mail me at kim@lifeovercs.com.  I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Common problems:

  • Not getting the e-mails with the free printables
  • Not being able to download from the e-mail
  • The file says it is “locked” and needs a password to print

One of these tips usually works!

Problem 1: “I’m not getting the e-mails with the free printables.”

Unfortunately, many school IT departments place firewalls and pop-up blockers on their internet systems, e-mail systems and computers that block the e-mails with the printables. One way to deal with this is to request that your IT department whitelist: kim@lifeovercs.com, lifeovercs.com. However, they are usually unwilling to do that and/or it would take a lot of extra time.

Instead I suggest using a Gmail account or one from your personal internet provider. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and MSN are also known for randomly blocking e-mails. Gmail almost always arrives correctly, you may need to check your promotions tab if you are checking on a web app or mobile device.

Problem 2: “I can’t download the resource from the e-mail.”

Please reference Problem 1 if you are using a school internet connection, e-mail or computer.

If you are using a personal device, please be sure that you have any pop-up blocker turned off. It is normal for your web browser to open (and sometimes get stuck) on a blank page. This is not actually where your download is. Please check your computer’s downloads folder for the file which is almost always there.

If the button is not working, you can right-click the button, choose “copy link/URL” and paste into Chrome.

Problem 3: “I am getting an error message when I try to print the file.”

This is a common problem, but the issue actually lies with your PDF reader and not the printable

 Make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader installed.  

This is the only solution when my files aren’t printing correctly, and it’s very easy (and free!) to do.

Just click on the above image to get Adobe Reader for your computer. After you install it, you may need to save my files to your computer first (see previous tip), then OPEN WITH ADOBE READER to print.

Problem 4: When I try to download from my e-mail, it just takes me back to the website.

Many of our printables are set up to download in the background when you click on them in the e-mail. However, this process triggers your web browser to open the last page you visited. You do not need to re-enter your information and you can find your printable in the Downloads folder of your computer.

If you do not see your printable in the Downloads folder, please see #2 above.

After you have tried these steps, if you still need assistance, please email me at kim@lifeovercs.com.

Please provide the following information:

  • Name of the activity
  • Type of device you are using
  • Operating System
  • School internet connection or home connection