Complex Winter Patterns Fine-Motor Skills Activity

In preparation for January, I put together a busy bag for my 1st grader to work on patterning skills. She has mastered the basic ABAB and AABB patterns and is ready for a bit more of a challenge. These complex winter patterns  will be great to build on what she already knows, using a familiar format, but giving her a challenge with more variables.

winter patterns activityMaterials needed for Winter Patterns Fine-Motor Skills Activity:

Pipe cleaners

Beads with multiple colors or shapes (Our were from a winter pack at Michael’s craft store)

Complex pattern cards free printable

1 zip top bag

beads and pipe cleaners

Print the pattern cards on card stock and/or laminate for durability. If you are only using them with one child or only want to use them once, you could print them on regular printer paper, but to use them more than once laminating is recommended.

Have your child put one kind of bead on each colored circle at the top of the pattern card. Then, follow the pattern by using the beads that are on the different colors.

With these cards you can repeat the same type of pattern using different beads and have it be a completely different style.

Winter pattern building

For ideas on how to use pattern building to work on skip counting check out another pattern busy bag that we did here.

Download FREE Complex Patterns Printable

complex pattern cards

Check out these other fun pattern building activities:

This patterning busy bag for Christmas will keep your little one busy while they build fine-motor skills and learn vital math skills! Suggestions for using with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners make this a great pack to make for multiple children.Get this free transportation themed free printable for pattern making and have fun learning with bicycles and hot air balloons!apple pattern free printable

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