I love the look of surprise and wonder on children’s faces when you give them an activity that encourages messiness, creativity, or just plain silliness! Snow art activities for kids definitely fall into that category. Your students will be delighted to bring real snow INSIDE and make a colorful MESS (I mean ART)!

Easy Snow Painting for Preschool

Add the Snow Painting Winter Snow Activities for Preschool to your lesson plans today! It’s a little bit of prep for a whole LOT of easy winter fun! Toddlers and preschoolers will reap the benefits of fine motor development, sensory exploration, and old-fashioned, hands-on entertainment.

Snow Art Activities for Preschoolers

Not only do young children love playing with snow and ice, but these snow-themed preschool activities also provide positive developmental benefits.

Overhead view of the finished snow painting winter snow activities for preschool.

As students engage with ice cubes, snow, and water outdoors or at the sensory table, they gain a lot of knowledge. Although we often think of snow and ice preschool activities as craft ideas, they really are science experiments too!

Snow day activities for preschoolers give an opportunity for them to get hands-on with that cold, wet stuff. The snow painting activity provides opportunities to learn about:

How to Set Up the Snow Painting Activities for Preschoolers


Overhead view of the supplies for the snow painting winter snow activities for preschool.

Overhead view of orange colored water being added to snow for the snow painting winter snow activities for preschool.

The colors in this project remind me of rainbow sherbet ice cream! Perhaps a little snack afterwards would be a great way to wrap it up.

You might also provide spray bottles filled with colored water (I like a little glitter in there too:)

Important note: If you decide to use food coloring, I recommend that the kids wear plastic gloves and something to protect their clothes.

Overhead view of snow painted orange, red and yellow.

My daughter ended up with a blue streak on her face because she wiped her hand on her forehead while playing. If we were to do this again (I’m sure we will) I would use washable liquid paint instead.

Winter prek math and literacy lessons counting alphabet sorting shapes

Winter Art Projects for Kids

I love coming up with winter crafts for kids to stay busy during those long, dark months!

  • Polar animals: Think snowy owls, polar bears, arctic foxes, penguins, etc.
  • Snow globes: There are so many ways to make this winter icon. Use clear plastic plates, clear plastic cups, real glass jars or a paper creation.
  • Snowman craft for kids: Kids love snowmen! Create your own puffy paint with shaving cream and glue for a textured snowman. Add real buttons and a scarf and hat made from material scraps.
  • Paper snowflakes: Always a great lesson in symmetry, this classic art project never disappoints. Young children can cut a template, or you can fold it for them and show them how to cut very simple lines.

Remember, any activity for preschoolers to do with snow is better when paired with hot chocolate!

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