Rainbow Counting to 5 Busy Bag

A few days ago I shared the Christmas counting to 3 busy bag that I made using pipe cleaners. Since I was on a busy bag making binge, I made this one up at the same time. I’m trying to build up my stash so that I have lots of activities ready for my preschooler when she is ready to use them. She needs a lot of repetition of the same exact activity to really keep it in her mind. This rainbow counting to 5 busy bag is full of fun colors and was apparently so exciting that she felt the need to play with it while I put it together!

counting activity

Materials used in Counting to 5 busy bag:

Pom Poms

Tie Dye Cupcake Liners

Hape Wooden numbers 

1 Zip Top Bag

I absolutely love easy busy bags and this is no exception. This only took a couple minutes to put together and we can play with it multiple times as her skill level changes and increases.

counting busy bag

To use the Counting to Five busy bag:

You can use this bag many ways depending on your child’s skill level and the need for a challenge. For Shiloh, despite the fact that she is almost four, I set the activity up for her and she dropped pom poms into the cupcake liners while I counter for her.

You could also have your child put the numbers in the correct order and then put in the correct number of pom poms. Or put all the numbers out, except one and have your child figure out which one is missing.

For added fun, you can talk about the different colors that you see. It’s not really math related, but I use every opportunity that I can to reinforce skills that we are working on. Learning colors and counting to 5  are our big goals for this year.  (That, and learning to say her name…)

You can use this to brighten up a dreary winter day! The colors can’t help, but bring a smile to your face!

count to 5 busy bag Featured Image

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