One of my favorite things about this season is Spring Showers. Not only do they bring May flowers, but rainbows. It’s a magical thing to have the sun shining and rain falling, creating a magnificent array of colors in the sky. It’s beauty in the most pure and natural form. Plus it makes a fantastic theme for crafting and DIY home decor. All of my girls love rainbows and I love how bright & colorful they can make our home. Here are 15+ amazing rainbow crafts to bring the colors of rainbow into your home too!

Easy Rainbow Craft For Your Home

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Magnets are a fun way to add color and design to your home because they are temporary. You could change them daily if you wanted to, but these Wooden Heart Magnets from Red Ted Art could stay up all year!

Candle holders are also a fun creation to display and add color to your home. These Rainbow Candle Holders from Moms & Crafters are fun because they are made with a non-traditional craft supply and you would never know!

Mobiles are always fun too and this Rainbow Unicorn Mobile from Hattifant has free printables to help you and your kids make an easy mobile for Spring. Although, my daughter would probably want to keep this up all year round!

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More Fun Rainbow Crafts

The process of making this Rainbow Canvas from Mum In The Madhouse looks so much fun! It’s a cross between art, science, and magic!

If you have a child who is trying to learn colors, this Toddler Zipper Toy from Swoodson Says is perfect. With just a few simple stitches, a toddler can practice using zippers and learning colors all at the same time. Even on the go!

I remember having a hobby horse as a child, but never one as fun as this Unicorn  Hobby Horse from Adventure In A Box! She shows the easy way to make your own with a little sewing and hot glue! She even has a printable template!

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These Printable Rainbow Danish Hearts from Pink Stripey Socks are so fun! I love that this can be an afternoon activity for kids of all ages and can really show each child’s creativity!

This Rainbow Yarn Art from I Heart Crafty Things is one of the cutest paper plate craft I have ever seen! This is one paper plate I would never throw away!

This Rainbow Spinner from Incredibusy can keep kids busy for hours. Her free printable makes this activity super simple to make and kids will have so much fun!

This Rainbow Pony Bead Prism Suncatcher is perfect for any season! Even if it was snowing buckets, if I looked out my window and saw this beauty it would bring a smile to my face.

I love this Rolling Pin Rainbow Painting project for kids, from Crafty Morning. It is processed art at it’s finest, but the result is absolutely beautiful as well!

– Life Over C's Paper plate Rainbow craft for preschoolers, rainbow star craft, melted crayons rainbow project for kids

Here is another paper plate craft that is worth keeping around! This Paper Plate Rainbow Craft from Easy Peasy Fun is adorable and a great way to use your stash of buttons!

If you have kids you most likely have a bunch of broken crayons in a bin somewhere. These fun Rainbow Crayons from Pre-K Pages is a fun way to give new life to those broken crayons!

These Rainbow Kite Paper Stars from Playful Learning are beautiful. They look elegant and fun at the same time.

Rainbows are so beautiful in nature and just as beautiful when recreated through crafts and home decor. I want Spring to hurry up and get here, but all of these rainbow crafts help the wait a little more bearable! Which is your favorite?

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– Life Over C's 15+ rainbow activities for kids toddler zipper toys for fine motor skills, rainbow sewing project for kids, unicorn craft for kids.

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