Sometimes in life, it’s the simple things that are the best! This is especially true if you are a preschooler learning the alphabet. Tracing and coloring are both super simple activities, but they are incredibly beneficial for children and their fine motor skill development. Free Printable Preschool Alphabet Worksheets A-Z are the perfect beginner alphabet worksheets for your child. There’s no better way to help your child learn their abcs than with a fun coloring and tracing activity!

Free Alphabet Trace and Color Worksheet Printables

Young children will have lots of fun as they color and trace their way to alphabet mastery. The adorable pictures on each worksheet will grab your child’s attention and help introduce them to letter sounds.

How To Teach The Alphabet To Preschoolers:

When teaching the alphabet to preschoolers, it’s best to keep the activities simple, interactive, and fun!

If your preschoolers are just beginning to learn the alphabet, start with the basics! These alphabet preschool worksheets (free!) are a wonderful resource to start with.

Talk about the shape of the letter with your child, practice making the sound of the letter, give examples of words that begin with the letter, and trace the letter with your finger or a crayon!

After you work on letter recognition, you can move onto writing the letters and practicing letter formation, and then move onto letter sounds.

The more hands on the activities are, the better! These alphabet worksheets are great because they provide plenty of opportunities for your child to practice coloring and tracing the letter.

Alphabet sensory bins and matching card games are other awesome hands on activities that can help your child learn the alphabet.

Overhead view of the alphabet trace and color worksheet for the letter

What Skills Do These Preschool Free Printable Alphabet Worksheets Practice?

One of the most wonderful parts about these alphabet letter practice worksheets is that they are perfect for practicing many skills.

So whether you are just introducing the alphabet, needing some extra reinforcement for writing letters, or are onto letter sounds, these worksheets can work for you!

Here are a few of the many skills you can practice with this alphabet activity:

  • uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • writing and tracing uppercase letters and lowercase letters
  • identifying letter sounds
  • fine motor skill development
Overhead view of the alphabet trace and color worksheet for the letter

How To Use These Free Printable Alphabet Worksheets:

Print your alphabet recognition worksheets onto white computer paper or card stock. I suggest using card stock if you are going to make the worksheets reuseable.

To make the worksheets reuseable, slip them into clear plastic sleeves, or laminate them.

Pick a letter to practice. You can start with the letter A and work your way to Z, practice the letters of your child’s name, or choose the letter of the week- it is totally up to you!

Use crayons, markers, or another coloring utensil of choice to color in the bubble letters. Coloring is awesome for fine motor skills!

While your child is coloring you can talk about the pictures that they see on the paper. See if they can hear the beginning sound of each word and repeat it back to you.

Practice tracing the letters by connecting the dot to dot outlines that are provided for each letter. You can allow your child to do this completely independently, help guide them for the first set and let them do the rest on their own, or provide help with all the letters- whatever your child is comfortable with!

50+ FREE Alphabet Activities

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  • Alphabet Posters
  • Alphabet Fine Motor Activities
  • Alphabet Handwriting Resources
  • Alphabet Print & Go Printables
Overhead view of the alphabet trace and color worksheet for the letter

Other Ways To Use The Free Alphabet Worksheets:

Beginning Sounds

As you are practicing each letter, see if your child can go find something from around the house or classroom that begins with that letter.

Fine Motor

Practice building letters with play dough, wiki sticks, or snap cubes.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a letter hunt and try to find the letters around the room or in books.

Sensory Bin

Work on letter tracing in salt trays or in shaving cream for a fun sensory activity.

Sensory Bottle I Spy

Keep this alphabet sensory bottle handy and find each letter in the bottle as you work on completing the worksheets.

Busy Binder

Assemble all of the laminated pages into a binder for a quick grab and go activity that is ready for you whenever you need an activity to keep your child busy for a few minutes.

Our Favorite Alphabet Books:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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Alphabet Tracing Worksheets for preschool
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