I hate homeschooling. There I said it. It’s been a secret that has been festering for years. To everyone that thinks that people homeschool because they absolutely love it and life is all sunshine and roses, this may be a huge wake-up call. We’ve been homeschooling for eight years and there is at least one point in every day that I wonder, “Why am I doing this!?!?!?

I hate homeschool...at least once a day. The truth about hating homeschool.

I Hate Homeschooling

Imagine this…

Preparing 21 meals a week plus snacks.

Cleaning up after said meals and snacks. (Even when the dishwasher is broke and you can’t afford paper plates.)

Seeing the same four faces all day, everyday. Ev.er.y.day.

No adult conversations for days on end.

The budget getting so low you can’t go to the museums, zoo, co-op or anywhere really.

Doing teacher prep work for every subject for 4 different grade levels and 4 different learning styles while satisfying my preschooler’s need to talk all.day.long.

Breaking up dramatic fights at least once every 15 minutes. (I know my kids aren’t the only ones….)

Maintaining a clean house while 4 children are in it full-time. Because it’s miserable when it’s not clean.

Working from home. With kids in tow.

No break from pre-teen hormone drama. (this may be the worst reason yet…)

I hate homeschool...at least once a day. The truth about hating homeschool.

You may be thinking, “If she hates homeschooling so much, why does she do it?”

That is a good question.

The real truth is that I hate homeschooling in moments.

Passing moments.

Much like a person who goes to work hates their job (though I have a suspicion that some people may actually hate their job on a full-scale level…), but still goes to work everyday hoping that this will be the day when it’s marvelous.

Seeing the smiles on my kids’ faces when they realize that Yes.I.Can. after struggling with a topic for months.

Watching the pre-teen hormone drama giving way to a couple lovely young ladies who just want to make an impact on the world. (I only have two pre-teens so far.)

Having extremely important conversations like, “Why does a volcano erupt?” or “What will happen if I mix these two things together?” (A favorite of my 2nd grader.) This is ultimately more interesting than any adult small-talk. 

Sending the kids out to play, so that they can take advantage of the sunshine before the harsh winter hits.

Giving my kids the opportunity to learn through life and not from just reading about it.

Connecting with people from all over the world with this awesome blog! *wink*

Planning, measuring and building a hot cocoa stand is so much better learning than math drills.

Hearing my preschooler talk after waiting more than 4 years. (If that means that she practices 16 hours a day, I’m all for it.)

Being around for all the good moments. The smiles, the hugs, the laughter.

I hate homeschool...at least once a day. The truth about hating homeschool.

So even though I hate homeschooling at least once a day,

I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.

Homeschooling has allowed our family to travel to 46 states. 3 Canadian Provinces. 7 countries. All without missing a day of school.

We’ve learned foreign languages without textbooks.

We’ve learned math through meal planning (and baking cookies!)

We’ve visited with grandmas and grandpas and built relationships that can’t be achieved  in a short weekend visit or summer break.

We’ve been able to do amazing things. 

All because of homeschooling.

I love homeschooling

So what about you? What side of the fence are you on right now? Hate or Love?

If you are having an “I hate homeschooling” moment, I challenge you… make a list of everything that you love about homeschooling instead of letting that moment fester and grow in you.

Let’s talk… tell me why you hate homeschooling. (Or why you love it!)

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