Preschool Shape Printables and Activities

These preschool shape printable and activities are perfect for little preschool hands and minds! Engaging and colorful shape printables encourage preschoolers and pre-k students to explore a variety of 2D and 3D shapes with printable games, interactive sensory shape activities, play dough shape printables, class-size BINGO sets and more! You'll find differentiated shape printables to fit the needs of all of your students here.

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25+ Shape Toys and Activities for Kids

Exploring shapes with kids is so much fun! As they learn about shapes, they see them everywhere in the world around them. These 25 Shapes Toys and Activities give kids a chance to learn while they play with shapes in so many ways! From building to exploring a 3D shape, to sorting, and unfolding the...
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Preschool Printable Shape Games

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Free Printable 2D Shape BINGO Cards for Winter

Bingo is such a fun game! I never tire of those little screams of "BINGO!" and the delight that goes with it. This free printable version ...
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Free Printable Gingerbread Shapes Activities

Here's a fun set of free shape printables for preschool and kindergarten for teaching all about shapes, in a fun gingerbread theme. We've had so much ...
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Fidget Spinner 2D Shape Graph Free Printable

Fidget spinners are totally the rage here! My daughter begged and begged for one and now that she has one, it goes everywhere with her. I ...
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Dog House Shape Game for Preschoolers

This is one pet that I can love.... the fur-free, on-the-paper kind! Since I'm allergic to all things furry, including the hypo-allergenic breeds, this is as ...
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I love these Free Printable Shape I Spy Printables! Such a cute idea for preschoolers!

Shape I Spy for Preschoolers: Free Printable

We have been working on shapes for a long time! Last year, I shared with you a free printable mini-pack for shapes with some fun games ...
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3D Solid Shapes Slap It Card Game

Students will learn all about 3D Solid Shapes through a fast-paced, fun game! This game reinforces student knowledge of solid shapes through representations, "real life" pictures, ...
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Free printable shape games for kindergarten shape printables for preschool