Perhaps your New Years Eve activities will keep you up until the wee hours. Or, you might struggle to stay awake until 9 p.m. If you’re like me, you’ll be ready for bed looooong before your kids wind down! I believe the key to staying energized on New Years Eve is an active agenda filled with crafts, games and party activities to keep everyone alert until bedtime (you get to choose that part). These New Years Activities for Kids are a fun way to get the whole family involved!

Regardless of when your festivities occur, you can still plan fun New Years activities for kids and adults. All of these activities are perfect for a New Years Eve party, countdown, or to help children understand what the holiday means.

Printable New Years Eve Activities for Kids

We love our printables because of their simplicity. Just print, copy and you’re armed with activities kids will love.

  • Create a calendar on New Years Eve to sneak in some important understandings about the calendar year.
  • I love this idea of a color countdown. Color a number each hour until the night is over!
  • Bingo is a classic way to celebrate the New Year. Add in some fun prizes and it makes for an engaging party idea.
  • A printable I Spy game helps kids form a better understanding of iconic New Years symbols, celebrations and traditions.
New Year's Eve activities for kids.

New Years Eve Kids’ Crafts

New Years craft activities for kids are a must at any Happy New Year celebration! You don’t have to go overboard or plan elaborate art projects. Just a few simple ideas can keep the kiddos occupied for quite some time.

  • A DIY wand is sparkly, glittery and the perfect New Years Eve party activity for kids. Pair it with a DIY New Years photo booth and you’ve created memories for all.
  • This paper plate clock is a “timely” New Years Eve craft that doubles as a practice clock later in the year.
  • Whether you’ll be able to watch real fireworks or not, this firework fun craft will definitely entice the kids on New Years Eve.
  • DIY shakers create all the noise you’ll need when the clock reaches that special time.

STEM Activities

Adding a fun science experiment provides valuable learning to a fun party night. Try this firework activity in a jar or any of the activities listed below to engage the young scientists at your party.

  • There’s always slime! This New Years Eve slime is sparkly, colorful and festive. It provides gooey entertainment long after the recipe is complete.

More Activities You’ll Love:

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