Fall Leaves Alphabet Matching Activity

We love Fall! There are so many wonderful learning themes and opportunities for kids to do in this season! One of our favorite Fall themes is LEAVES! This Fall Leaves Alphabet Matching Activity is so simple and perfect for wiggly kids! Plus it uses one of our favorite materials for learning, craft foam! Continue reading to learn how to set up this fun activity!

Fall Leaves Alphabet Matching Activity

Materials Needed for Fall Leaves Alphabet Matching Activity

Leaves made of craft foam

Brown Tempera Paint

Paint Brush

Dry Erase Marker

Spray Bottle with Water

Black Permanent Marker

Fall Leaves Alphabet Match 1

To prep:

Write the alphabet letters you wish to review on the foam leaves with black permanent marker.

Paint a Fall tree on a large window or glass door using brown tempera paint. (Tempera paint is completely washable and should wipe right off with window cleaner and a rag.)

Use a black dry erase marker to write the letters in the tree for the children to match with the leaves. (Dry eraser markers are perfectly safe to use on windows and wipes of easily.)

Fall Leaves Alphabet Matching_IG

How to:

After setting up, invite your child to match up the letters on the leaves to the alphabet in the tree. Using a small spray bottle with water, kids will have fun spraying the letter on the window and then sticking the foam leaves to the matching letters! This is a hands-on way for preschoolers to practice letter recognition and fine motor skills! Plus its perfect for wiggly kids because they are free to move around while they learn!

Fall Leaves Alphabet Activity 2

You can use this activity in a few different ways. This Fall Leaves Alphabet Matching Activity can be used to match uppercase letters to lowercase letters. It can also be used to help children learn to recognize just a few different letters or review all the letters in the alphabet!

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