There are so many ways to teach children the letters of the alphabet. Children learn the alphabet as the first step toward learning to read. These alphabet posters introduce kids to the uppercase alphabet, along with words with the same beginning sound.

They come in two sizes to suit your needs best. Grab a copy of this alphabet poster printable with beginning sounds pictures and start teaching the alphabet!

These printable alphabet posters for the classroom include the uppercase letters and three pictures that start with that letter.

Alphabet Recognition for Preschoolers:



In addition to specific letter and alphabet lessons, children need regular exposure to the alphabet. They need to see letters and learn the sounds before they can recognize them in words. These preschool letter posters are perfect for creating a bulletin board dedicated to alphabet and letter study.

You can also grab these coordinating beginning sounds picture cards to pair up with the posters to create a beautiful alphabet wall full of literacy-rich wall art.

How Can Preschoolers Learn Using Alphabet Worksheets?

There is no need to provide children with a worksheet as a lesson. These alphabet posters are a perfect tool to use for a hands-on active lesson.

  • Trace the letters with finger or writing utensil.
  • Read each word and emphasize the beginning sound.
  • Cut apart the pictures and have students match them to the correct letter.

How to Get the Activity

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  • Choose whether you need the full-size or half-size posters for your teaching needs.
  • Print and laminate the activity for durability.

Using the Free Alphabet Printable

Add the free printable alphabet posters to your literacy center! Kids can use these to write their letters, match letter manipulatives to the right poster and match correct pictures to each letter.

Preschool students practice alphabet recognition and beginning sounds with these free printable alphabet posters for the classroom.
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Other Ways To Use the Preschool Alphabet Printable:

Letter Tracing Practice

Once laminated, kids can practice tracing the letters over and over with a dry erase marker.

Work on Beginning Sounds

Read the three words together then challenge kids to come up with some other words that begin with the same letter.

Picture Matching

Provide a basket of simple pictures (or objects for a more engaging approach) and have kids match them to the right letter poster.

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These printable alphabet posters for the classroom help students practice alphabet recognition and beginning sounds.
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