FREE Flower Number Bond Puzzles

After having so much fun with our picnic printables in the oatmeal sensory bin yesterday, I decided that we needed some more pretty flowers in the house. Since Jaida is working on memorizing addition facts to 10, I made her (and you!) some number bond puzzles.

We simply cannot get enough of these Rainbow Oats from And Next Comes L!

These are so easy and fast to prepare. From printing to cutting out it took me less than 10 minutes and that was with Shiloh ‘assisting’ me.

As with almost all of my educational resources, I recommend laminating if you want the activity to be able to be used again. Of course, you can use it without laminating, but it will not be as durable.

Number bond flowers

You can either lay these out on a table for your student or you can put the pieces into any dry sensory bin, for them to find. A sensory bin is not a requirement, but Jaida loves them, so that’s what we do. Any sensory bin will do!

Simply find the matching pieces for a fun way to review number bonds.

flower number bonds addition to 10 math activities

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