Christmas Tree Matching Activities for Preschoolers

Need a quick activity to keep the kids learning during Christmas break? With my youngest daughter it’s very important that we continue to support her learning everyday, but she gets bored doing the same activities multiple times (unless it’s playing with Shopkins, of course…). So we need many ways that we can work on things like color recognition. This week we’ll be playing matching games with colorful Christmas Trees. In hopes that this will distract her from playing with the real Christmas tree. These Christmas tree matching activities for preschoolers are easy to prepare, so print them out when you need to occupy your little ones for a few minutes!

Low-prep Christmas Tree Matching Activities for preschoolers- Great activities to work on color recognition and matching in December.

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Materials needed for the Christmas Tree Matching Activities:


Scrapbooking Paper or White Card Stock

Laminating Pouch


Paper fastener

Paper clip

Your preschoolers will love these Christmas tree matching games.

Christmas Tree Spin & Cover Matching Game

To prep: Print on card stock and/or laminate. Assemble the spinner by using the paper clip threaded onto the paper fastener.

Alternately, you could use a pencil tip with a paper clip around it instead of the paper fastener, but it is easier for preschoolers to manage with the the spinner already prepared for them.

To play: Cover the trees as the matching colors are spun.

Simple Christmas matching games for preschoolers!

Christmas Tree Matching Game

To prep: Print the Christmas tree matching game on the white side of the scrapbook paper (or on card stock), laminate and cut apart the cards.

To play: In case you haven’t played Memory before, you turn over two cards at the same time. If they match, you get to keep them and turn over another set of shapes to try again.

If they don’t match you turn them back over and it becomes the next person’s turn. Play continues until the cards have all been matched.This free printable penguin shape matching game is a great way to learn about 2-dimensional shapes! These silly penguins are all shaped like polygons and the kids love playing with them!

Preschoolers will love these simple Christmas tree matching games.

Enjoy these simple Christmas tree matching activities for preschoolers this week!

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Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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Christmas colors matching game for preschoolers
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