We don’t do a lot of spooky or scary things in our house at all. So scary monsters are out, but these cute fluffy monsters are all in. My daughter LOVES them. This free printable monster letter recognition spin & stamp activity for preschoolers and kindergarteners is a great way to practice uppercase and lowercase letters with an engaging theme.

Monster Letter Recognition Activity

Letter recognition, both upper and lowercase, is important for children. It can be difficult and overwhelming, especially at first. There are so many letters to learn. Even though it can be hard, it is crucial!

Letter recognition the beginning of learning to read. Learning letter recognition leads to beginning sounds, learning sight words and eventually reading!

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Whether a child is having a hard time learning to recognize the letters, or not, it is always a good idea to bring in a fun, engaging activity to help them learn. This Monster Letter Recognition Spin and Stamp activity is exactly that. Kids love the fuzzy monsters and using stamps is ALWAYS fun! Kids think they are just playing a monster game, but they are also getting exposure to uppercase and lowercase letters and working on matching skills.

My kids have always had a thing for using rubber stamps. We prefer these uppercase stamps and these lowercase stamps. Matched with a good quality ink pad, like this one, we are good as gold.

Besides the fact that my daughter loves this type of activity, I am in love with it too. It is incredibly simple to prep. I have a todo list a mile long, you know the one, and I want quality activities that help my daughter learn while not taking up a ton of my time!

My first time-saving tip is to print each of the pages of the set at one time. Yes, you may not use all of them in one day, but the ones that you don’t use today will be ready for when your child asks to play with stamps again.

You can create the spinner simply with a pencil and a paper clip. All you have to do is place the paper clip on the spinner circle on each printable. Stick the eraser side of the pencil into one side of the paper clip. Now you can flick the paper clip and it will spin around.

Whichever letter the spinner lands on is which should be stamped, either upper or lowercase.

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Alternative Ideas:

If your child is working on sight words, this would be an excellent canvas for practicing sight words. Instead of stamping a single letter, children can stamp a sight word that begins with the letter that is spun. Upper and lowercase letters can still be honored.

You can go through each activity page in alphabetical order or have the child choose until all of the letters have been completed.

To add an additional challenge, instead of only providing the stamps for the letter on the printables, you could mix all the stamps up and have them choose the correct stamp.

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Spin and Stamp Alphabet Activity for Preschool Silly Monster Theme
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