Free Picnic Printable for Sensory Play

I hope that you are enjoying this summer as much as we are! One of our favorite things to do in the summer is have picnics. Even if it’s too hot outside, you can always have a picnic on your living room floor! I made this super fun free picnic printable for a little friend of ours’ birthday on Sunday and I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

free picnic printable for sensory bins or play dough

When my husband and I were still engaged  and then newly married one of our favorite things to do was to take a picnic down to the beach on the Chesapeake Bay. It was beautiful scenery, awesome company and of course, cheap. But, you know, some of the best things we’ll ever do in our lives don’t cost a whole lot of money.

Spending time playing with our kids should give us those kinds of memories! I love playing with my kids. I even love just standing in the doorway and watching them as they play.

It gives me so many insights as to skill levels that they are mastering, knowledge that they are gaining and utilizing, and things that we need to work on (like manners!)

Do you ever just watch your kids play? So rewarding!

As I was making this set for our sweet little friend, Shiloh could not resist trying to run off and play with all the pieces. Sorry, Teyo!

I did get them all back from her, but I knew she needed her own set to play with, so today I printed and laminated them for her.

If you do not have a laminator, Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. It is the best tool that I have in my house for school and for activities like this. You will not regret it.

Saturday, as I was working wasting time on Pinterest I saw the most awesome dyed oatmeal! Dyan from And Next Comes L has a tutorial for creating the most gorgeous sensory material I’ve ever seen. You need to check it out.

She used liquid watercolors on hers to give it fantastic, bold colors.

I don’t have liquid watercolors, so I used gel food coloring instead which resulted in some lovely pastels.

picnic sensory bin
We added in our picnic printables and had a lovely afternoon!
picnic printable

Isn’t that oatmeal just beautiful!?!?

You can also use this set to play with play dough like we did at the birthday party we went to. It was lots of fun that way too!

ladybug counting craft and activity Featured Image

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