Who loves sock monkeys!?!?! I do, I do!! Seriously, I love these free printable sock monkey leaf counting cards that I have to share with you today. These little monkeys are so adorable! My preschooler has loved playing with these for the past week. They’ve been sitting on her work table the whole time! (And I’m not sure how many more exclamation points you can handle in one paragraph, but I love these!!!!) If you’ve missed out, be sure to the pumpkin truck counting cards and the candy corn counting cards that I’ve already shared and be sure to check back often because I have a whole series of cards to share with you!

These free printable sock monkey leaf counting cards are so cute! Perfect for learning to count to 10! Plus, she has lots of other great counting card sets!

To prep: Print and laminate the pumpkin counting cards (download below). These free printable pumpkin counting cards are a great hands-on way to introduce counting to your preschooler! Load up the pumpkin truck with numbers 1-10 and have some math fun this fall!

To use: Have your child cover the leaves on the counting cards with the correct number of leaves.

These cards are perfect to new learners who are not ready for independent counting. The kids simply cover each leaf on the card as they are counting. That way they know when to stop for each number.

Our Favorite Counting Books:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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sock monkey fall leaf counting cards numbers 1 to 10
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