10 Card Games for Numbers to 20

Students will love learning all about numbers to 20 with these 10 card games. They will learn to recognize numbers in ten different formats. Great for differentiation and review.

Kindergarteners will have so much fun learning numbers to 20 in many formats with these familiar card games! You can easily customize them for the needs of your students.

10 sets of cards for Numbers to 20 using the following formats:

  • Numeral
  • Word Picture
  • Ten Frames
  • Tally Marks
  • Base Ten Blocks
  • Dice
  • Dominoes
  • 1 More Than….

These games are great for helping students with number concepts such as adding, subtracting, composing, decomposing, equality/inequalities, multiplication, missing addends, and more. In addition to providing them with lots of opportunities to use numbers to 20 in multiple formats. Combine sets to create decks for number recognition in many formats.

Center instructions are included for the following games: 

  • Slap-It!
  • Slap 10/20
  • War
  • Addition War
  • Subtraction War
  • Multiplication War
  • Memory
  • Go Fish!
  • Make 10 Go Fish!
  • Make 20 Go Fish!

Instructions are also included on how to make a deck of cards for each game. The differentiation possibilities are almost endless! **Ideas for customizing: Play games for numbers 0-9 or 10 to start. Add other numbers as they are learned.

1)Limit number of formats to start. As students are able to recognize different formats, add them to the games to increase difficulty.

2)For Slap-It! Choose any set as your center pile. The best would be the style that the one with which the student is having most difficulty. This will help them to focus on finding formats that they have an easier time recognizing.

Teacher Instructions: Print on card stock and/or laminate the cards. (Card stock is recommended because some children will try to see through the cards.) Laminating might be prohibitive due to the number of cards needed to create multiple decks/multiple games. If you cannot laminate, card stock is a MUST! Each type of cards is a different style for easy sorting.

**Here is an example of the Slap-It! Directions: Instructions: Needs one set of cards for CENTER pile Use 2-4 copies of one set of cards for PLAYING cards or 2-4 sets of different cards for PLAYING cards

To play: 2-4 players

Place the CENTER cards face down in a pile.

Deal the PLAYING cards equally among players.

Place them face down in a pile in front of each player.

Decide the first player.

Flip over one of the CENTER cards.

In clockwise order players flip one card at a time.

When a PLAYING card is flipped that matches the CENTER card: SLAP-IT! The first player to slap the card takes the center pile of cards that have been played and adds them to the bottom of their own pile.

Flip another CENTER card and continue playing.

Game is finished when time is up or one player has all the PLAYING cards.

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Get 10 Card Games for Numbers to 20 Here:

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