Shape I Spy for Preschoolers: Free Printable

We have been working on shapes for a long time! Last year, I shared with you a free printable mini-pack for shapes with some fun games and this Shape I Spy for Preschooler coordinates perfectly with it! Your preschoolers will love counting the shapes and discovering that things in “real life” have those shapes! Download the I Spy for your kids today and then check out all of the cool ideas from the rest of the #TeachECE team!

I love these Free Printable Shape I Spy Printables! Such a cute idea for preschoolers! Kids count the squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and rhombuses.

Materials needed for the Shape I Spy Printable:


Laminating pouches (optional, but recommended to use more than once)

To use: Have your child count how many of each shape is in the I Spy and write the answer on the recording page.

Because keeping track of numbers can be difficult for little learners, especially when they are focusing on another skill like finding matching shapes, I recommend have the child cross off each picture as it is counted. Or you can place a small game marker on each shape as it is discovered and then count. (For example: Find and cover all the circles, then count how many pictures were covered.) Then remove the game markers and start over with another shape.

2D shape i spy game for kids
Learn about shapes with our favorite puzzle and these free printable shape matching puzzle cards. Match them to the shape puzzle pieces or play a fun memory game!
2D shape activity with a fun crayon theme. Play memory with these fun crayon themed shape cards.

For even MORE ways to play with SHAPES in Early Childhood, please visit the activity suggestions from the #TeachECE team below:

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  1. Thank you for all your great printables! I love your graphics. One question I have is on the page with the boxes to record the number of shapes, all of them say triangle. Not sure is that is what you meant to have. Otherwise fantastic!

  2. I spy games are so much fun. What a great idea for little ones to get to know their shapes better!

    Thanks for sharing on the Shine Blog Hop!