Free Superhero Printable for Inequalities with Addition

Do you love superheroes? I hope so because the 2nd Grade Blogging Team has some awesome superhero activities for you today! Starting off with this free superhero printable for inequalities (and equalities) with addition! Your kids are sure to get excited as they become learning superheroes this week!

This free printable for inequalities with addition is perfect! The superhero theme is just perfect!

Materials needed for the Free Superhero Printable for Inequalities:

Paper and/or card stock

Laminating pouches and laminator

Dry erase marker or crayon


Kids love doing their math this free superhero printable for greater than less than inequalities with addition.

To prep: Print the superhero mat and addition cards on paper or card stock and laminate. If you choose not to laminate, you will need to put the cityscape into a dry erase pocket.

Then, print one copy of the recording page for each child.

To use: Have the child choose two cards and place them on the white spaces of the cityscape.

Then, have the child draw a <,>, or = to create a true statement and write the statement on the recording sheet.

My kids are going to love doing their math this free superhero printable for inequalities with addition.

Not only does this give kids a great chance to work on inequalities, it also builds their confidence with addition up to 20. We’re working on getting them completely memorized, so we did the addition facts as mental math.

My kids are going to love doing their math this free superhero printable for inequalities with addition.

And if you need a bit of movement in your learning time, you can always use the addition cards for an excuse to get some exercise.

We did it a couple ways: 1) Correct answer do 2 jumping jacks (she loves), incorrect answer do a squat 2) Correct answer- see how fast they can run across the room and back.

There really is no purpose to it other than wearing them out and having a little bit of fun while working. (It was our life saver during a particularly difficult morning…)

superhero greater than less than addition activity for math centers

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  1. you are certainly creative and very generous with your printable. The kids have grown and development in a way we couldn’t expect due to your great printable. Thank you does not to far enough! Thanks again for sharing, you are truly amazing!

  2. Thank you for all the amazing Super Hero printables. It will be fun to use them and encourage students to do their best.

  3. The use of such bright and bold colours is a great way to draw in older kids when working on a new concept with them.

  4. I love it! We’re starting on inequalities in a couple of weeks and I’ll definitely use these. 🙂