It’s day 7 of the 31 Days of Free Printables for Hands-On Learning! This has been an amazing series so far and I’m really looking forward to sharing all the great things I have planned for the rest of the month! Today’s freebie is a Greater Than/Less Than free printable for kindergarten. These cute penguins are great for helping little ones learn number order!

winter penguin greater than less than mat
Free Penguin printable

How to prepare:

This one is super simple! Print, laminate if desired and cut out the number cards. You can have this one ready to go in less than 10 minutes! I love that!

Plus, this one is also completely easy to use!

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greater than/less than printable

Kids can pick 2 cards and decide which mat they want to use. Then they make a correct number statement using the greater than/less than penguins and record their number statement on the included recording sheet.

For an added challenge have the kids use the same numbers on the other penguin to show them that they can use the same two numbers and come up with a different statement. Example: 2 is less than 5 and 5 is greater than 2.

This activity sticks with simple numbers (0-22), so that kids can concentrate on the greater than/less than concept. You can create some more difficult numbers bu writing numbers on card stock and cutting them to match the size.

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winter penguin greater than less than mat
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