Get dressed! Brush your teeth! Eat breakfast! Have you brushed your teeth yet? That doesn’t match. Fix your hair. You still haven’t brushed your teeth? Any of that sound familiar? Not a very super start to the day. So I made this Superhero Morning Routine Printable for Kids to turn the instructing over to the superheroes. This kids’ morning routine chart is a great way to keep children on track with their important tasks. Sometimes, it’s just easier to let a piece of paper tell them what to do rather than repeating it over and over…

superhero theme morning routine poster free printable

Recommended Grade Level:

Superhero Morning Routine Supplies:

  • Printer/Ink
  • Card Stock
  • Laminating Supplies

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Learning With a Morning Routine Checklist in Preschool

morning routine for kids


The superhero theme morning routine list is truly designed to make life easier for everyone! When kids know what is expected of them and have friendly picture reminders, any morning can run as smoothly as the next.

When parents don’t have to spend all of their morning time micro-managing kids, or getting frustrated, then they can do the important stuff on their list, like early morning exercise, make a healthy breakfast, or pack lunches.

This free printable is a great way to create a routine that will reduce stress and promote productive day for all.

If you decide to laminate the checklist, you can let your child check off each item as they complete it.

Especially if you or any of your kids are not a morning person, this routine works! Help your kids develop responsibility, ownership, independence, and more! Here is what’s included in the morning routine template:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Fix your hair
  • Make your bed
  • Eat breakfast
Do you have an aspiring superhero? This superhero morning routine printable is a great way to help with get ready in the morning. A fun, superhero twist on the usual morning checklist.

What Can Preschoolers Learn From The Perfect Morning Routine?

Morning routine checklist for adults and kids


Establishing a positive morning routine sets the stage for a great day for everyone. No one wants to start out the day arguing, fussing, or fighting! Regular routines help kids and adults in a lot of ways:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • More energy throughout the day
  • Good hygiene habits
  • Positive attitude
Do you have an aspiring superhero? This superhero morning routine printable is a great way to help with get ready in the morning. A fun, superhero twist on the usual morning checklist.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn Routines?

Children are naturally curious about everything around them. Learning about the life cycles of living things help them understand the world a little bit better.


The more aspects of life a child feels in control of, the better they will behave. When a child knows the routine and exactly what’s expected, they feel safe and secure.

Build Healthy Habits

Creating a healthy routine evolves over time into healthy habits. Those habits extend throughout childhood and into adulthood. It’s never too early to start creating healthy habits.

Reduce Anxiety

A structured routine takes away ambiguity and anxiety. If you wake up and follow the same set of steps each day without fail, there is little room for anxiety of the unknown.

Less Effort

Ultimately, over time, producing the same routine every morning requires less and less thought. Soon your children will move through the morning with ease because the routine is ingrained.

How to Make This Superhero Morning Routine Chart

Step One:

Print the routine. Use cardstock, if desired. Also, laminating is an option if you’d like to have your child mark off the tasks each day.

superhero theme morning routine poster free printable

Step Two:

Hang the routine chart somewhere that your child can easily reference it in the morning. Perhaps on the bathroom mirror, the fridge, or in your child’s room.

Do you have an aspiring superhero? This superhero morning routine printable is a great way to help with get ready in the morning. A fun, superhero twist on the usual morning checklist.

Step Three:

Especially before the first time you use the routine, spend some time reviewing it before bed the night before. Talk about the order of events after your child wakes up, practice how to do specific tasks, and really set the stage for morning success.

Role Play

Kids love dramatic play. Why not dress like superheroes and practice the morning routine, or use action figures to walk through the process.

Switch It Up

Once children are very familiar with the routine, have fun switching it up once in a while. Maybe you complete the tasks in backwards order.

Oral Language

Use the routine poster as a starting point for talking about the routine. What parts are going well/not so well? What can you/your child do differently?

superhero theme morning routine poster free printable
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