Math Facts Game: Make Ten with Sticky Notes

I find myself working on math facts with my daughters a lot. There is just so much to learn. One particular set we try to master is what makes ten. Basically, these are any sum that equals ten. (e.g. 9 + 1, 7 + 3, etc.) It’s a handy set of math facts to memorize and can help a lot when doing math in your head.

Make Ten with Sticky Notes Math Game

Materials Needed for the Math Facts Sticky Notes Game

Kraft paper

Painter’s Tape

Colorful sticky notes


What makes ten math game pic 2

This game is big, but it’s so easy to prep. All you need to do is cut off a length of your brown wrapping paper and draw a large circle in the middle with your marker. Use the painter’s tape to stick your paper to the wall.

Note: I use painter’s tape often to attach things to the wall. It always comes off easily and never peels the paint. 

Use your markers to write single numbers on each sticky note. I wrote each number from 0 to 10 twice. Arrange these sticky notes on either side of your circles.

To play the game, have your child find pairs of sticky notes that equal ten and put them together in the circle. They may have a six and a four. Or, they may have a one and a nine. Keep going until all the sticky notes are matched up and in the center.

The game goes quickly, but can be played time and time again until you take the paper off the wall. My girls enjoy the fact that you get to stand up and move while practicing math facts. I love the fact that they get excited to play and the more they play, the more they will memorize their what makes ten math facts.

making 10 with sticky notes what makes ten addition activity

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