These fun pumpkin theme preschool shapes posters for preschool classrooms are a great way to explore shapes during your fall circle time and small group activities. There are so many fun learning activities you can do with your preschoolers using the shapes poster printable and free I Spy game. Plus, they make great classroom decorations for your fall preschool themes.

Free printable 2D shapes posters for preschool classrooms

Learning About 2D Shapes:

Using this PUmpkin theme Preschool Shapes poster printable


As they find the shape posters around the room, you can extend their learning by asking if they can find another object in the room made of the same shape.

Or simply use the pumpkin-themed I Spy page and have the kids embark on a scavenger hunt for real-world 2D shapes in the classroom or outside on the playground.

Our kids love any reason to spend some extra time outside while the weather is good.

Free printable pumpkin theme 2D shape activity and I Spy for preschool

Why Is It Important For Kids To Learn About 2D Shapes?

Exploring shapes through sensory play and other fun activities builds math vocabulary and knowledge in children. Preschool teachers can use this pumpkin math activity to dive into introductory geometry with preschoolers. Of course, no one calls it geometry in preschool…

Develop Math Vocabulary

Shapes posters for the classroom encourage children to learn the names of each shape. As they learn names, they might begin to learn how to describe the shapes. All of that new language contributes to their bank of math vocabulary that will build as they grow.

Practice Spatial Relationships

Working puzzles or placing shapes into correct holes in a shape sorter helps children improve spatial awareness.

Recognize Patterns

Patterns are all around us. As we teach shapes, we can begin to point those out while children practice building their own with blocks, toys, craft items, etc.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Observing, comparing, and classifying shapes are important critical thinking skills that will benefit children long into their educational journeys.

Develop Literacy Skills

Shape identification transfers over to those other shapes we call letters! Children will have an easier time learning letter names and sounds when they have a foundation of shape names.

Improve Problem Solving

Sorting and matching shapes require children to use important problem-solving skills.

Free Shape Activity Posters and I Spy printable shape activity for preschool

More Pumpkin Theme Inspiration:

Create a full maker space for these awesome crafts!

Keep your craft supplies stocked and these inspirational books and craft kits on hand for that moment when inspiration hits!

Pumpkin Theme Shape posters and I Spy free printable for preschool

How To Use The Pumpkin Theme Shapes Poster Printable

LEARNING SHAPES with preschoolers


All you need to do is print the pumpkin shapes poster pages onto white card stock and laminate them. Hang the large posters in a central area to refer to during whole-group learning time.

Cut the “I see a…” pages to hide around the room.

You can print the I Spy recording sheet on regular paper, as it will likely go home with your students.

I included two levels of play, depending on what your students are ready for:

  • Students can look and find ALL TWELVE shapes: circle, square, oval, pentagon, triangle, star, rhombus, octagon, trapezoid, parallelogram, hexagon, rectangle.
  • Students can look and find SIX basic shapes: circle, square, oval, rhombus, triangle, rectangle.

The beauty of this built-in differentiation is that you can hide all of the shape posters around the classroom and give individuals the recording sheet that suits their level!

Other Ways To Use Fall Pumpkin 2D Shape Posters:

Sorting Mats

Place a second set of the large shape posters at the math center. Hide pattern blocks in a sensory bin. Students can search, find, and place shapes on the matching shape poster.

Create a Book

Assemble the shape pages into a book for students to take home and review with family.

Shape Matching

Create a double set of the small shape cards to use in a game of memory match.

Sensory Bin

Place shapes in the sensory bin to improve fine motor skills. I like to challenge students to identify the shape by feeling alone before they pull it out of the sensory material.

Reading Skills

Students can practice reading the, “I see a…” shape pages to gain fluency in reading.

Integrate Science

Extend the learning by including science lessons about the life cycle of a pumpkin from small pumpkin seeds to the pumpkin patch.

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Free printable shape posters and I Spy activity for preschool
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