Community Helpers Matching Game for Preschoolers

I love community helpers preschool activities! It’s an important concept to teach young children about the people who live and work around them. Some of these might be people that your kids see every day, like the school crossing guard or the postal worker. Others are very important, but maybe not as well known by kids who live in cities, like the farmers. Every one of them plays an important role in our lives and teaching children about these important professions is so much fun!

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Teaching community helpers in preschool is the perfect time because students are very curious about the world in general. Community themed activities help children form important background knowledge for later comprehension. This community helper preschool printable is perfect to share with your students all year long!

The Community Helpers Matching Game is packed with community helpers pictures and labels: soldier, veterinarian, trash collector, crossing guard, policeman, firefighter, nurse, doctor, librarian, postal worker, teacher and farmer.

Materials Needed for the Community Helpers Matching Game

To Prep: Print the free community helpers printable matching game on the white side of the scrapbook paper (or card stock), laminate and cut the cards.

To Play: In case you haven’t played Memory before, you turn over two cards at the same time. If they match, you get to keep them and turn over another set of community helpers to try again.

If they don’t match, you turn them back over and it becomes the next person’s turn. Play continues until the cards have all been matched.This free printable penguin shape matching game is a great way to learn about 2-dimensional shapes! These silly penguins are all shaped like polygons and the kids love playing with them!


More ideas for your Community Helpers Theme

Get creative with your community helpers activities. Every preschool and kindergarten classroom needs a box of career-themed costumes. Consider how you might branch out from there.

Field trips are a wonderful way to show young children all of the different helpers in the community. Consider setting up simple trips (perhaps you can even walk?) to the post office, grocery store, police station, or local hospital.

Here are some other ideas:

Community Helper Books to Share

Pre k teachers understand the value in sharing illustrated books with pre k and kindergarten students as an integral piece of a community helpers lesson plan.

Student learning and engagement increases when we draw them into a good book. The illustrations help young learners see the important people in a community helper unit.

community helpers matching game for preschool

Planning for a Community Helpers Theme? We’ve done all the work for you!

We now have interactive thematic lesson plans for toddlers (18-35 months) AND preschoolers (3-5 years)! Get ready for fun and learning with unit lesson plans for your COMMUNITY HELPERS THEME. Explore a variety of themed hands-on activities! Easy to follow lesson plans include activity modifications and adaptations to meet the needs of all learners. For more information, click on the graphics below:

Community Helpers Preschool Lesson Plans
Community Helpers Toddler Lesson Plans
Free printable community helpers preschool activities. Community helpers sorting and matching games.
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  1. I love your site. I’m using the community helpers matching game. The kids in our Special Needs 4 yr. old class at public school love to match! Thank you for the free resources!! Elizabeth Cox