My family loves playing games. Not only is it a fun group bonding activity, but it is one of our favorite forms of entertainment without including a screen. We aren’t anti-screens by any means, but everything within moderation, right? Games can be a way to lasso high energy or even the perfect low-key way to spend an afternoon! One of the first games that we introduced to our girls is the concept of matching games. They are easy to adapt for any child’s level and help strengthen a whole list of skills for kids! These 3 Free printable Fruit Matching games are exactly that!

3 free printable fruit matching games for precshool. Cover up game and clothespin cards for matching pictures of fruit

Recommended Grade Level:

Fruit Matching Game Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Clothespins
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Counters or Mini Erasers
  • Scrapbook Paper

Fruit Matching Games

Matching Games are beneficial for strengthening a whole list of skills. These types of games are great for helping improve concentration, strengthen visual and short term memory, help to sort and classify objects, help with attention to detail and finding differences, just to name a few.

These Fruit Matching Games do all of those things while being versatile and adaptable for your children or students.

Using the Matching Activities

Fruit Memory Matching Game

I love printing the game pieces on the plain side of scrapbook paper or cardstock. I do this because when printing on plain printer paper, kids may be able to see the objects through the paper. 

fruit memory game for preschoolers. Matching fruit pictures with preschoolers.

With the scrapbook paper they are less likely to cheat.

Of course, my daughter thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to flip twenty cards until she finds the ones she wants to pair up. #facepalm

After the game is printed, laminate and then cut each piece out.

You could skip laminating, but that’s kind of like assuming that the kids will be gentle with the game.

Wait, that’s exactly what it is.

You should definitely laminate.

Use the fruit memory game pieces to play a simple matching game with toddlers or preschoolers.

Playing the Fruit Memory Game

The traditional way to play is to take all of the game pieces, place them all upside down and mix around.
Each person playing takes a turn, flipping over two cards.

If they match, the child creates a ‘personal pile’.

The next person takes a turn and so on. When all matches are found, the person with the most matches in the pile wins.

Variations Of The Game

One of the first variations of this game is for children that are just learning how to play matching games or identifying objects. Using the full amount of pieces for this game can be very intimidating for children new to these skills. Use half or even less of the game pieces until you kids/students start gaining the skills needed.

Using the Fruit Cover Up Game

Fruit grid game cover fruit pictures with preschool fruit activity

Another, super simple game!

Print the game board and cards, laminate and cut apart the cards.

To play, put the fruit cards face down, then one at a time, flip a card.

Find the matching space on the game board and place a mini eraser or other small eraser on top.

You can also use dry eraser markers to cross off the spaces.

Free printable fruit grid game for matching fruit pictures with preschoolers.

Using the Fruit Clip Cards

I love clip cards because they are crazy low-prep. Print, laminate, cut & go.

Easy peasy.

The kids simply place a clothespin on the correct answer at the bottom of each card.

Fruit clip cards for matching fruit pictures. Place the clothespin on the matching pictures at the bottom of each card.

Do you want to hear some crazy, low-prep magic??!?!?

If you don’t want to laminate and cut, you can stick the entire page into a page protector and have the kids circle the correct answer with a dry erase marker or place a mini eraser on the right answer.

Fruit matching clip cards for preschool. Work on fine motor skills by attaching the clothespin to the correct answer on the card.

Pair these matching games up with our other fruit games and then grab some fruit themed books for a fun literacy activity. See how many of the memory game fruits you can find in each book!

More Food Theme Activities!

Don’t stop here! Seriously, what kid doesn’t love playing with their food? So, naturally, learning with their food has to be a favorite too…

Get even more food activities below!

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fruit theme matching games for preschool Featured Image
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