Five, four, three, two, one… BLAST OFF!! Counting plus rocket ships equals two of my preschooler’s favorite things! During dramatic play my son loves pretending to be an astronaut boarding a space shuttle heading for outer space. There are always plenty of opportunities to practice counting while he is boarding the shuttle, blasting off, and traveling to the moon! Free Printable Space Theme Preschool Counting Mats are a great way to get any little space loving astronaut to practice counting to infinity and beyond! (Well, maybe just to 20 for now!)

– Life Over C's Counting rockets with mini erasers and counting mats.

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the Space Rocket Mini Eraser Counting Mats

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Paper Cutter
  • Rocket Mini Erasers

These counting mats are perfect for preschoolers just learning to count, or for additional practice and reinforcement for a kindergartner or preschooler who has already mastered the skill!

What Are Counting Mats?

Counting mats for kindergarten and preschool are an awesome way to get small children excited about counting! They normally have a special theme, which is perfect for grabbing the attention of little ones!

When using a counting mat, students are given a number and a space to count out that number using manipulatives, such as counters, mini-erasers, or pictures.

– Life Over C's Using mini erasers to count with rockets.

Counting mats provide a concrete, hands-on way for little learners to practice counting!

One of the wonderful things about counting mats is the number of skills that can be practiced when using them! Number recognition, counting, one to one correspondence, and addition can all be practiced using counting mats!

How To Use These Outer Space Preschool Themed Counting Mats:

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Print the preschool space themed counting pages. (I recommend printing them on card stock and laminating them!)

– Life Over C's Counting Mats printable with a rocket ship theme.

Cut the rocket ship number cards apart. If you are going to use the rocket counter pieces cut those apart too! (Instead of the rocket counter pieces you can use mini erasers or another counter that you have on hand!)

Shuffle the number cards and put them in a pile face down. Have your little one pick a card.

Place the card in the white box on the counting mat. Have your little learner count out mini erasers, counters, or the rocket counter pieces onto the mat.

Continue until you have used all the number cards!

– Life Over C's Rocket ship themed counting mats printable.

Other Ways To Use This Counting Activity:

  • You can easily differentiate this activity by removing the numbers 11-20 and just using numbers 1-10, or even 1-5 until your little learner gets more comfortable with the skill of counting!
  • Let your child make rocket ships, planets, or stars out of play dough to count out onto the mat! This is great fine motor skill practice!
  • Use this activity in your lesson plans as a way to practice addition! Pick two cards instead of one. Count out the two numbers separately and then add them together!
– Life Over C's Using mini erasers to practice counting 1-20 with a rocket theme.

More Space Themed Activities and Games for Kids:

Learning about the solar system doesn’t have to be limited to the science classroom! Preschoolers love an outer space theme, and the more activities you can use to incorporate learning about the sun, moon, and planets the better!

  • Create an outer space sensory table with moon sand!
  • Take your little one outside to look at the night sky and check out the stars!
  • Make a solar system diorama for some hands on fun!
  • Read outer space books with your little one!

Getting Ready for Your Space Theme?

Stock your library with the BEST Space Books for Kids!

Explore outer space through engaging, multi-sensory books that your kids are just going to LOVE!

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– Life Over C's Counting rockets with mini erasers and counting mats.
– Life Over C's Counting rockets with mini erasers and counting mats.
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