Winter Community Helpers Activities for Preschool

The story of Frosty the Snowman is one of my preschoolers’ favorite winter stories!  What is there not to love about a magical snowman who comes to life?  These Winter Community Helpers Activities for Preschool will bring a little snowman magic into your classroom or home!  Any little learner who loves snowmen is sure to be a fan of these adorable snowmen dressed as community helpers and the snowmen activities that go along with them.  The three activities in this free printable bundle offer so many opportunities for little ones to learn!

Community Helper Snowmen printable sorting activity.

Community helpers are so valuable to our communities.  Preschoolers and kindergartners look up to these heroes and love learning about them!

These free community helpers printables are great resources and activities to use when planning for your community helpers preschool theme!

What Activities Are Included In This Printable Pack?

Whether you are just beginning to teach a community helper unit, or reinforcing previously taught content, these activities will work perfectly for your pre k and kindergarten lesson plans.

Some examples of community helpers included in this printable are police officer, fire fighter, doctor, and farmer.

This Free Community Helpers Preschool Printable is made up of three different activities.  One of the great things about this printable pack is that the activities are easily differentiated for learners of all levels.

Once these community helper themed activities are downloaded, you can choose from:

  • Community Helpers Matching Game
  • Community Helpers Sorting Activity
  • Community Helpers Word Cards
Free printable community helpers activities for preschool.

This is a great set of activities to pair up with the book, Snowmen at Work for helping to teach about all different kinds of community helpers. 

Snowmen at WorkSnowmen at Work

Materials needed for the Community Helpers Printables:

Police Officer and Construction Worker printable sorting cards for preschool community helpers activity.

How To Use These Community Helpers Preschool Activities:

All of these community helpers preschool printable activities can be printed on white card stock or scrapbook paper and laminated to make them durable and easy for tiny hands to manipulate.

Matching Game

In the matching game, little learners will match the community helpers to their correct tools.

This game can be used as an independent center, or a concentration game for two children to play together.

Variations of the game include: making pairs (face up to make easier, face down for more difficult) and adding or reducing the amount of pairs in the game to differentiate.

If students are working independently, a community helpers matching worksheet can easily be created!  Paste one pair from each set onto a piece of white computer paper and have your little one paste the match beside of it.

You can also use the card to match up to these Community Helper Toys:

12 Pretend Career Figures12 Pretend Career Figures12 Pretend Career Figures

Sorting Activity:

The sorting game requires students to match tools and vehicles to the correct community helper.

After we print, cut, and laminate, we use velcro dots to make sure the pictures can stay put on the mats. This is also a fabulous way to throw in some extra fine motor skill practice, but is completely optional! 

There are a few different ways that we have used the snowmen community helper sort activity!

One simple way to use the activity is to provide the community helper mat and a variety of cards to choose from. This way is easily differentiated by altering the number of cards that your little one has to choose from.

The sorting activity is a great way to build and develop vocabulary! By talking about similarities, differences, and categories, learners will have lots of practice with new vocabulary words.

This can also be used as a sensory bin activity. Fill a sensory bin with filler of choice and add the tool and vehicle cards.

Kids can sift and search through the sensory bin to find the cards and match them to the correct sorting mats.

If you love sensory bins as much as we do, you’ll love these ideas!

Word Cards

The options are basically endless for how to use these word cards!

Community Helper Preschool word work activities. Free printable word cards for a community helper theme.
  • Use the cards as a character story starter for your kids.
  • Hang them on a word wall organized by letter.
  • Display them in a pocket chart in your classroom.
  • Provide them as reference words in a writing center.
  • Use them as labels in a dramatic play center.  A post office, doctors office with band aids, or pretend construction site all make great dramatic play areas for a community helper theme in a preschool or kindergarten classroom!
  • Use in journals for practice copying letters and words or drawing illustrations.

Paper Snowflakes Holiday Stationery - 80 SheetsPaper Snowflakes Holiday Stationery – 80 SheetsPaper Snowflakes Holiday Stationery - 80 SheetsLakeshore Draw & Write JournalLakeshore Draw & Write JournalLakeshore Draw & Write Journal

Our Favorite Community Themed Books:

We can’t live without these!

Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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Free printable community helpers preschool activities. Community helpers sorting and matching games.
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  1. I cannot find a link on this page to actually download this AMAZING pack! This would be a perfect addition to my community helper unit.

    1. There is an image towards the end of the post that says “Get Your Printable Here”. Click on this and it will send you in the right direction.