Alphabet Matching Games for Preschoolers

Learning to read is so exciting! And what better way to start off learning than with some amazing alphabet activities? Letter matching activities are the perfect way to work on not only identifying the letters of the alphabet, but also finding their matching uppercase or lowercase letter. Free Alphabet Matching Printables for Preschool and Kindergarten make practicing letter recognition fun and hands on.

These alphabet matching game printable free activities are easy to prepare and an awesome place to begin your reading instruction.

When Should My Kids Learn Uppercase and Lowercase Letters?

Letters are the building blocks of words! Alphabet matching game printables are one of the best ways to get your kids excited about learning letters.

There is really no right or wrong time to start working on letters with your preschoolers. Just make it naturally flow with whatever you are doing with them!

Going on a walk outside? Point out some letters on the signs you see.

Reading a book together? Talk about letters you see on the pages.

Have any signs around your house with your child’s name? Talk about the letters that are in their name.

It can be that simple to start with!

Although it may seem a little silly since shapes are a match concept, knowing shapes can really help little ones learn letters! Being able to see shapes in letters can help children with learning and identifying letters.

Once you child seems comfortable with casually identifying letters you can begin to talk about the concept of uppercase and lowercase letters. This can be a little confusing for children since we say there are only 26 letters, but really we are asking them to learn 52 letters!

Fortunately, many uppercase and lowercase letters share similar shapes! And for those that don’t, alphabet lowercase and uppercase matching activities can provide the repetition your child needs to learn them!

Once your child has mastered learning to identify letters, they can start to work on letter sounds and matching pictures to letters that match the beginning sound.

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Alphabet Matching Free Printables You Will Love:

Letter matching worksheet printables can be a wonderful resource for alphabet uppercase and lowercase matching practice, but it’s even better if you can make the activities interactive and hands on!

These alphabet upper and lowercase matching printables are full of alphabet matching cards, alphabet letter matching games, and fun sorting letter activities.

Seasonal Alphabet Free Matching Printables:

No matter the season you are teaching in, or your current theme, these seasonal alphabet matching games for preschoolers will be the perfect way to fit practicing capital and lowercase letters into your literacy centers.

Sorting Alphabet Activities:

Letter sorts are another fantastic, hands on way to work on practicing letters and learning the alphabet.

Laminate and add velcro to these alphabet matching cards printables to make easy grab and go alphabet games for your home or classroom.

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