Get students sounding out CVC, CCVC, CVCe word families with three different levels of this fun spelling board game. Students will read and spell over 300 CVC, CCVC, and CVCe words! A great way to get them reading! All with a fun Rainbow theme.


Card Stock or Scrapbook Paper | Laminating Pouches | Laminator

Games for individual, partner, small group and whole class are included

This game is great for sounding out CVC, CCVC, and CVCe words. There are also many ways that you can differentiate for your students.
-Focus on beginning sounds instead of the entire word. You can have your students recall the letter that the word begins with rather than spell the whole word.
-Focus on end sounds. Have students recall the letter that the word ends with rather than spell the whole word.
-Only use vowel sound in the game. For example: only include words that have a medial “a” or “e”.
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To set up the game:
Print and laminate Pages 3-10. I strongly recommend using card stock for the playing cards, so that students will not be able to see through them. I love to print on the white side of one-sided scrapbook paper as this makes the cards opaque and attractive.

For 2-6 players

-Shuffle word cards and place them upside down on the card box of the playing board.
-Choose the first player.
-Player 1 places their marker on the rainbow start position. The player to the left of Player 1 draws a card from the pile and without showing it to Player 1, reads the word aloud. Player 1 must spell the word either aloud or by writing it out.
-If Player 1 spells the word correctly on the first try, he/she spins the spinner and moves ahead the number of spaces indicated. The game continues to the next player with the player to his/her left reading the word for the player to spell.
-If a player does not spell the word correctly on the first try, they remain on the same star without spinning the spinner. The game continues to the next player.
-The first person to reach the shooting stars wins!
**When playing with only 2 players, the opposite player reads the card to the person spelling.

The following games are included in this bundle:
CVC Words Rainbow Themed
CVCe Words Rainbow Themed
CCVC Words Rainbow Themed

Get CVC, CCVC, CVCe Word Families Game
Rainbow Themed Here:


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