Spring time is full of new life, rain showers, and of course a visit from the Easter bunny! As excited as our kids are for treats and multi-colored eggs, we can also use this opportunity to practice CVC words using this adorable word building mat for Easter. This activity can be perfect for Kindergarten literacy centers, small group activities, or even individually with your little funny bunny. Including Easter centers for kindergarten such as this fun CVC words activity is a great way to introduce kindergarten-level spelling words to your students.

– Life Over C's Easter CVC Word Building Mats

Recommended Grade Level:

Materials for the CVC Word Building Mat

  • Paper
  • Laminating Materials
  • Paper Cutter
  • Dry Erase Marker

Learning about CVC words

practicing easy Easter themed cvc words to spell in kindergarten

In these fun Easter activities for kindergarten, ask students to blend sounds that focus on consonant-vowel- consonant words.

CVC words help early learners blend three phonemes together to practice simple reading skills.

Make sure to share with your students what each picture represents before completing the activity. It’s important that you are both on the same page as to what the cvc picture card should be. For example, explain that a can of corn will be written as ‘can’ on the mat.

The Easter CVC word mat can be used in a writing and literacy center, with a small group of children, and individually. Using magnetic letters to build the word can also help students who learn best when using their hands.

Plus, while learning about CVC words, your kindergarteners will be working on letter sounds, fine motor skills, and beginning reading skills.

There are many ways to differentiate this activity including having the child trace over already written letters, drawing their own picture to accompany the word, and saying the word in a student’s home language for ELLs.

The picture cards can also be placed around the room to get your little bunny hop-hop-hopping from word to word!

If you want to focus on specific words, you can use the picture cards to build spelling lists for your students and they can practice those specific words.

– Life Over C's Easter themed word building cards for Kids.

In addition to learning about cvc words for kindergarten here are some more ideas for what you can teach about blending phonemes and writing.

  • Making silly made up words to practice sounds with CVC blends (examples: vim, pag).
  • Identify the beginning, middle, and end sound of the word.
  • Practice appropriate pencil grasp while writing.
  • Creating Easter themed words containing 3 letters (examples: hop, egg, ear).

What Can Preschoolers Learn From CVC Words?


Other benefits include:

  • Recognizing beginning, middle, and ending sounds.
  • Construct word families using familiar ending sounds (example: bug, rug, tug).
  • CVC words can help students identify patterns in words.

Why Is It Important For Kids To Spell CVC Words in Kindergarten?

Teaching CVC words to your Kindergartener with fun cvc word games and Easter activities can help them transform sounds into words that they can better spell and read. Students will be able to master different patterns (CVCC and CCVC), increase reading skills and phonemic awareness.

Improves Oral Language Skills: Blending and segmenting sounds gives children the ability to produce new sounds and practice articulation.

Guided Reading: Identifying simple CVC words, which include high frequency words, can improve children’s ability to follow along with guided reading activities.

Writing Development: Building and writing simple words builds confidence in young writers. Constructing the word using magnetic letters shows the writer how to best from lines and curves in letters.

Increasing Vocabulary: Understanding the CVC words meaning can increase vocabulary skills and word comprehension.

How To Use The Easter CVC Write and Build Mat

Easy words to spell in kindergarten

The Easter write and build mat are to be used with the CVC picture cards.

The steps in creating this adorable activity are as easy as hopping down the bunny trail.

Simply print the colorful write and build mat using your printer. While color ink really looks best, black ink will work as well.

Next print out the pages containing the squares of CVC pictures. These also look best when printed in color ink.

Before laminating (if you chose to) it’s best to individually cut out the square pictures representing CVC words. Laminating them together and then cutting them can cause the laminate to peel.

Finally, cut those puppies (or should we say bunnies) out!

Students can identify each picture and determine the correct CVC word. Have them then use magnetic letters, or other cut out letters, to segment the word.

The last step is to have your child write the word using their dry erase marker.

This fun Easter kindergarten spelling activity has word lists for every CVC word with pictures so that students can self-check their work. Encourage students to read through the list when they are checking their work.

– Life Over C's Easter CVC words activity

Extend the Activity:

Easter Egg Matching

Using specific CVC words from the activity, write letters on plastic eggs and match the halves to recreate the words. For example: Write the letter C on one half and AT on the other half.

Rhyming Words

Give your child a few of the picture cards and have them figure out which words have the same ending sound. Give them points for each match they find.

Book Scavenger Hunt

Use one of your child’s favorite books and ask them to go on a scavenger hunt for familiar CVC words.

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– Life Over C's Easter CVC Word Building Mats
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