Every year we head to the apple orchard. It doesn’t matter how old the kids get, we still go. Luckily, my daughters have gotten a love of apples from me, so they don’t mind at all. So it makes sense that one of our favorite learning themes is APPLES! This apple themed free printable addition to 10 apple tree is a great way to practice adding to 10 in the fall.

My daughter’s pigtail braids and Daddy’s hat fit right in with the whole apple orchard theme today!

apple tree adding to 10 free printable

According to Jaida, this was kindergarten work. This is true for her since we use Math-U-See for our math program. They cover adding to 10 in kindergarten pretty thoroughly. In 1st grade they move to memorization and then subtraction. I really love their mastery approach and it’s been working well for us going on 7 years now. (Actually, Emma’s going to get to Pre-Algebra around Christmas as a ‘6th grader’, so it’s working really well.)

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Today was just the first of many times that we will be using this activity this fall. As an overview, I gave her access to all the addition problems up to 10. Just to get back into the groove of understanding what addition is.

As we progress through memorization though, I will limit her to the specific addition facts that we are working on that week and then on Friday, she can practice with all the ones she’s already mastered.

Our usual plan for Math-U-See is to watch the video on Monday and complete 2 of the accompanying pages. (Or do some hands-on activities in place of them…like this one.), 2 more on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on Thursday, they do the ‘test’. And Friday is a review/free-for-all day.

Anyway, this is not a pitch for Math-U-See (I’m not being paid or asked for a review at all). This is just me sharing my love for our math curricula. I’m kind of a math geek, so…

kindergartener adding to 10 apple theme

She loved picking the apples off the apple trees and putting them in the basket. Her perfectionist tendencies showed through quite well as she insisted on lining the apples up perfectly straight.

She also asked me if she could put them back on the tree ‘right’ as opposed to the slightly sloppy way I had prepared them for her. She was a little more than disturbed that they were all crooked.

I promise, I have no idea where she gets these tendencies from….. okay, so maybe I do have an idea. (Just don’t fold my bathroom towels wrong and everything will be okay…hehehe!)

I made a recording sheet to write down the problems, to help commit them to memory. You can slide it into a page protector and use it multiple times if you want. My page protectors have all been packed and I have no idea where they are. (See I’m not a complete perfectionist!)

She did get a bit frustrated because she couldn’t remember which direction the flag goes on the number 1. She absolutely cannot write the number 1 without a flag.

apple tree adding 1st grade

But once she got past that she was good as gold!

girl writing math problems

I think it would be great to add velcro dots to the back of the problems, apples and baskets to attach them to the tree page and the big basket. This would add an extra sensory element with the little bit of pressure needed for pushing and pulling the velcro. (Again, mine are lost in the packing abyss.)

Another idea would be to use pom poms instead of the small apples on the trees. That would add in different textures (Especially if you get the glitter pom poms!) and a different form of fine motor skill practice.

For those of you who can’t print in color I have included a black & white version of everything in the pack. Just print the pages that you want.

black and white apple trees addition

Our Favorite Kids Books About Addition:

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Once your child’s creativity is sparked with this fun activity, take it a step further with these engaging resources:

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apple tree addition to 10 math mats for kids
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