Helping kids discover the wonders of the world and everything in it should be a fun and memorable experience! These Printable Life Cycle of a Frog Play Dough Mats for Kids will help children discover amazing things about frogs! Then, after downloading the play dough mats, be sure to check out the rest of our frog theme activities here.

One of the best things about diving into science with our youngest explorers is the wonder in their hearts and minds. Children find joy in learning because they don’t know all the little things that adults often take for granted. For example, I’ll NEVER forget when a little boy noticed he had hair on his arms and triumphantly announced to me, “I have fur!”

– Life Over C's Frog life cycle free printable play dough mats for preschool

Recommended Grade Level:

Frog Life Cycle Play Dough Mat Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Laminating Supplies
  • Scissors
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Play Dough

There are 6 mats for students to explore, from frog eggs to an adult frog! The free frog life cycle mats give students a great sensory experience forming each object with playdough. The helpful illustrations also give some guidance for these abstract concepts.

Preschool Life Cycle of a Frog

Pointing out how animals are born and how they develop and change is a natural way to show children how the world works. They can easily compare and contrast with how they have grown and changed since birth.

Studying cycles of animals also helps young learners form connections with other things in nature, like plants, insects, and seasons.

Learning that frogs lay eggs, or that they are actually born with a long tail, are facts that many children might not realize.

Teaching kids about frogs then provides valuable background knowledge for other science topics, like other animals, animal groups, or plants.

– Life Over C's Frog life cycle play dough mats and books for preschool How Does a Frog Grow? And the Bullfrogs Sing books

Life Cycle of a Frog Video for Kids

YouTube video

How to Use the Frog Life Cycle Printable Play Dough Mats

This free printable life cycle of a frog download includes three pages, each with a half-page work mat. To prep, just print, cut, and protect by either laminating or using plastic sleeves. Protection is key when students will be using playdough on the mats!

– Life Over C's free printable frog life cycle mat showing an adult frog traceable word frog

Alternatively, you could provide paper plates for forming the life cycle of a frog for kids that they see on each mat with the play dough or using figurines and magnetic figures. So many options!

Mats included: I can make a lily pad. I can make eggs. I can make a tadpole (2 stages). I can make a froglet. I can make a frog.

– Life Over C's Set of 6 play dough mats for frog life cycle: eggs, tadpole, tadpole 2, froglet, frog and lily pad

Each mat includes a very helpful playdough-like illustration. This will help get kids started on making abstract concepts like a tadpole that hatches vs. a tadpole with front legs.

Use the free life cycle of a frog printable whatever way works for you: small groups, whole class, learning center, or send it home.

The life cycle of a frog worksheets could also be printed for the kids to create their own Frog Life Cycle Book. Or you can grab my Frog Life Cycle Mini Book Craft to extend your life cycle learning!

More Activities to Consider

The life cycle of a frog activity pairs well with other scientific studies. Once the students have this valuable background knowledge, you can delve into other scientific topics!

  • Other animals: Butterflies, chickens, ladybugs, bees, turtles, take your pick!
  • Plants: Explore what plants need, and how they change, from seed to sprout and in between. Check our our super popular Seed Germination in a Bag Science Experiment to start!
  • Learning about animal/plant life lends itself nicely to habitat exploration.
  • Across the curriculum: Incorporate as many activities as possible for each life cycle theme. Consider books, writing activities, vocabulary games, art projects, videos, games, and math.
  • Explore the change of the seasons as they occur. Relate it to the life cycles of a frog for children to understand that all living things and processes go through cycles.
  • Matching games with words and pictures help children connect new vocabulary words with pictures.
– Life Over C's Frog Life Cycle play dough mat showing a lily pad with a pink flower

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– Life Over C's Frog life cycle free printable play dough mats for preschool
– Life Over C's life cycle of a frog play dough mats
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