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Yesterday, I shared with you how I re-dyed our sensory rice, so that we could create a brand new sensory experience. I left you hanging a little bit by only showing you the rice. Today, I have a free jungle scene printable (requested by none other than my lovely 1st grader) for you that we used in our newly dyed rice.

Jungle play dough printable

Apparently, Shiloh thought that the rice was so beautiful that she decided to play in it before I got out of bed this morning. My husband and I trade early morning duty with her because, despite her love for mornings, the two of us night owls do not share her love. This morning was his morning.

She thought that the blue and brown rice looked lovely together and while I wasn’t thrilled that she got the rice before I put it in the sensory bin, I have to agree with her. It was a beautiful combination.

jungle scenery printable

I was able to salvage the other stunning colors to create a color theme perfect for jungle play.

I added in some new white rice to fill in for the blue and brown. I also thought that it gave a great contrast to the deep colors. The black and white together immediately made me think of zebras.

Then we added in the jungle pieces. Of course, you can use whatever jungle figurines you have. Quality figurines aren’t available here in the Republic of Georgia, but when we head back to the U.S. in a couple weeks, I’ll be checking out the toy aisle for sure!

Instead of figurines, we used this fun printable jungle scene.

Emma, my oldest daughter, loved the stripes in the rice. It was quite obvious when Rissa took a look at the rice and said “Hey Emma, do you remember how beautiful the oatmeal was when we mixed it together? Let’s do that!”

“NO!!!” was Emma’s prompt reply.

I kindly suggested to Rissa that they take a little bit of time playing with the solid colors before they mixed it all together!

Shiloh had a chance for some independent play after the big girls were finished. She loves moving the animals around trying to copy what the other girls do.

Isn’t the contrast of the colors simply wonderful!?!?!

This free jungle printable is sure to make your children's imaginations run wild!
jungle theme pretend play printable for sensory play and play dough activities

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