Free Money Fractions and Probability Activity

This week the 2nd grade blogging team has joined together to bring you a great selection of money activities for your students! You can see all of the activities at the bottom of this article, so be sure to go all the way down. We had a lot of fun with our free money fractions and probability activity. It was a lot of fun to explore fractions and probability with the heads and tails of our coins. I loved our perfect result!

This free money fractions and probability activity is a fun way to introduce these math topics to 2nd graders!

Materials needed for the Free Money Fractions & Probability Activity:




4 Coins

Small jar

To prep: Print the Fractions & Probability Recording sheet, found below.

To use: Have your child place the four coins in the small jar and give it a shake. Toss the coins out onto the table and record how many heads and how many tails in the correct columns.

Then, have your child draw a fraction to represent the number of heads and tails shown. We found it helpful to use one color for heads and one color for tails, so that we could easily see the results between throws. This is a good time to talk about what a fraction is and how each coin represents 1/4. You can also introduce terms such as: 1/2, 3/4, one-whole.

Repeat four more times until the recording page is full.

At this point we had some discussion about our results.

We added up how many times a heads-side was shown and how many times a tails-side was shown. We did the activity on two pages with two separate sets of coins to see if the kind of coin made a difference.

Both times we ended up with 10 heads & 10 tails. This was a perfect way to show that we had 1/2 chance of getting either side.

If you get different results you can talk about the fact that a 50% chance means that it can go either way. There is no guarantee that half the time you will get one result and the other half another result.

     Click Here to Get the Money Fractions Printable

This free money fractions and probability activity is a fun way to introduce these math topics to 2nd graders!

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  1. What a fun way to record and mark off the fractions. We’re going to be working on fractions more this year and this looks such a great way to go about it.