Even if money doesn’t make the world go round, it is an important thing for kids to learn. It is an essential life skill. It can be super confusing, though. I am pretty sure every child would pick three 1$ bills over a $5 bill solely on the fact that the quantity of bills is higher with the 3 $1. That is until they learn and understand quality vs. quantity of the money. A money unit study is the perfect way to explore the value of money at any skill level!

Learn about money with this hands-on money unit study! No matter what skill level, you will find fun activities for learning about money! Science, math, literacy, art and more!!

If you are planning a money unit, or using money as a way to practice math, these are some fun ideas. Included are literacy, math, art & crafts, sensory and science. Kids are bound to be interested in money while doing these activities.

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Practice adding money with this free printable garden math activity. Choose two seed packets and add them together. Perfect for a spring math lesson.
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This free money fractions and probability activity is a fun way to introduce these math topics to 2nd graders!
Free Counting Money Clip Cards for Coins Featured Square Image
Using cupcake liners for math can be an easy way to prepare a new activity! This counting money game looks like fun, plus there are other suggestions for using the same format!

Money Theme: Math

Money Theme: Literacy

Money Theme: Art & Crafts

Money Theme: Sensory

Money Theme: Science

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